6 Simple Ways To Take Care of Yourself as a New Mom

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Having a new baby is one of the most amazing things a person can go through but for new moms it can also be one of the hardest. Here are 6 Simple Ways To Take Care of Yourself as a New Mom.

6 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself As a New Mom

6 Simple Ways To Take Care of Yourself as a New Mom

The fact is motherhood is a complicated, full-time job with many expectations that may overwhelm a new mother. Owing to this, it is necessary for aspiring mothers to adequately prepare themselves for the experience lest they risk being overtaken by the whole journey.

Although having someone call you mom is every woman’s dream, many new mothers have had to deal with unexpected situations after giving birth. After starting a family, women tend to forget about themselves as they strive to be the best caretakers of their families.

It gets worse when one’s close confidants are not cooperating or helping. Whether you have support or not, having a sound mind is one of the most important elements you should have as a new mom.

 It will help you better take care of your child, whom you will be spending most of the time with. Equally important, you need to remember that a baby’s emotional development takes place during this tender age.

As such, they can grasp the emotions surrounding them, meaning if you are a sad mother, it will translate to your child. Raise a happy and contented munchkin by following these six aspects, which, if well implemented, will also go a long way in taking care of how you feel about yourself as a new mom.

Start Right From the Onset

Whether you had planned for the incoming baby or not, how well you accept the pregnancy news and act upon it will determine what kind of a motherhood experience you will have. Therefore when you decide to keep the pregnancy, make every effort to nurture the life inside you.

Some of the sure ways to help you accommodate unplanned pregnancy are seeking a professional therapist’s help, especially when the pregnancy resulted from rape, discussing the issue with your partner, and budgeting for the unborn baby early in advance.

Also, it would be best if you took good care of yourself from the word go. For instance, many times, women forget to wear the right clothes to suit different belly stages during pregnancy. This, although highly ignored, is an important determinant of how well your baby will develop.

Additionally, don’t forget to eat the right foods, attend prenatal clinics without fail, take the recommended supplements and choose a well-equipped medical facility as your birthplace.

Mothers who have given birth before will tell you the importance of preparing well as you await the baby. It will always allow for earlier identification of problems and thus save yourself and the baby in emergency cases.

Have Someone To Help With the Baby

Newborns are very demanding and often require attention. Remember, the baby is adjusting to a new environment, making them fussy and crying most of the time.

Moreover, this is a challenging time for you as a new mom as you adjust to the new life. It entails physical and emotional changes, which may make it hard to take care of the family demands and the newborn baby.

To avoid falling victim to postpartum depression, have a helper to handle the other house chores so you can have enough time to rest and take care of the baby.

Train Your Baby

Make an effort to instill good behavior in your baby immediately; you have them in your hands. Doing this will give you an easy time, whether you have a helper or not. One advantage of babies is that they learn very fast; therefore, don’t hesitate to train them how you need them to behave.

6 Simple Ways to Take Care of Yourself As a New Mom


Sleep training a newborn is one of the best ways to handle a child. Nonetheless, it is essential to remember that babies will only sleep when they are well fed and warmly clothed. Washing the baby before putting them to sleep and having the room well lit is another effective method to get them to sleep longer.

Moreover, watch out for infantile colic, a common disorder in newborns. Fight it by practicing good feeding methods such as burping the baby immediately after feeds, checking out on allergic reactions, and staying away from nicotine.

Although some babies may be born naturally stubborn, how you handle your baby has a lot to do with their behavior. Therefore, aim to keep your baby comfortable, and you will have enough time to rest and take care of yourself.

Eat Right

For your health and that of your baby, make it a habit to eat a healthy diet. At no one time should your meal lack essential nutrients such as zinc, vitamins, calcium, protein, and energy-giving foods.

The first months of life are very vital for your baby’s development. It is at this time that they get to develop cognitively, emotionally, and physically. Thus do not deny the baby the right food as they will suffer from retarded growth.

As a new mom, having lost so much energy from the pregnancy, labor, and delivery requires that you eat the right food. Besides, it would help if you were up and about within no time to take care of your family. To enhance this, foods such as beans, nuts, fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and whole grains should not miss in our refrigerator.

Lastly, take a lot of fluids and avoid dieting at all costs. Eat often, and you will experience faster birth recovery.

Exercising Is Important

Working out is an important activity that you cannot risk forgoing as a new mother. At this time, the goal of exercising should be to unwind and relax other than lose weight. Kindly do not mind about the increase in weight at this time. It is natural for a woman to add extra kilos after giving birth, and within no time, it will fade away.

As you work out, consult the internet or a fitness coach to identify the right forms of exercise to practice. Remember, your body is yet to recover from the birth process fully; hence overworking it may be harmful.

Taking a short walk daily, Kegels, meditating, doing baby lifts, pelvic lifts are some of the safe exercises you can do. With regular exercise, you will stay away from stress and bounce back to pre-pregnancy body shape faster.

Love and Take Good Care of Yourself

 It is common for friends to desert you immediately when you have a newborn. Factors such as lack of common goals, not having time to go out, and being too attached to the baby cause this. The fact is friends leaving do more harm than good, but it is not all lost.

Instead of hiding in pain, you can turn the situation around by loving yourself a little more. Wearing that torn t-shirt and locking yourself inside the house the whole day with a head wrap will not help you. Therefore, dress up, carry the baby with you to your nearest ice cream joint and have fun because you deserve it. Furthermore, you just did a noble thing by bringing life, and you deserve to be appreciated.

One secret with taking good care of yourself in times of emptiness is that it works magic. Continue with this routine, and you will be out feeling super good within the shortest time.


 Though welcoming a newborn brings joy and blessings to most families, it has far-reaching impacts on the mother that can turn hazardous if not well handled. In the recent past, there has been an increase in postpartum depression, self-hatred, and suicide amongst new moms.

To counter feelings of unworthiness, take care of yourself by implementing the above measures.


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