5 Tips for Shopping at Online Baby Clothing Boutiques

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Looking to buy clothing online for your baby? It can be extremely overwhelming. Check out 5 Tips for Shopping at Online Baby Clothing Boutiques.

5 Tips for Shopping at Online Baby Clothing Boutiques

5 Tips for Shopping at Online Baby Clothing Boutiques

It’s been a little harder to roam through your favorite shopping spots lately, and many boutique shops have found it hard to adjust as fewer shoppers come through their doors. However, some baby clothes retailers are finding that it’s possible to present their inventory to customers with an online boutique format. You don’t need to expose your little one to germs, the weather, or crowds of strangers when you shop online.

One: Look for a Reputable Site

There are plenty of people selling through websites and social media markets, but you want to trust that the clothes and accessories you’re buying are good quality, safe, and comfortable for baby. This means looking into the background of the boutique or asking your friends and family about their favorite online shopping spots.

Two: Consider Materials and Safety

Cotton is preferred by many parents for their little ones because cotton fabric controls moisture, provides insulation, and is hypoallergenic. It’s durable and can be worn comfortably in a variety of environments. This makes cotton fabric particularly valuable for dressing and swaddling baby. Other fabrics to consider include linen, jersey knit, fleece, and bamboo. In addition to considering the type of fabric used to make infant clothing, watch out for buttons and other decorative items that could be pulled off. The delightful outfits from Cat & Dogma baby clothing, for example, focus on comfort, color, and simplicity.

When buying sleepwear for babies, it’s important to pay attention to the U.S. CPSC Children’s Sleepwear Regulations (or your country’s equivalent.) These safety standards are intended to protect babies from burns and require that sleepwear fabric is resistant to flames or that it will self-extinguish if it comes into contact with a candle or match. A snug fit is another element of fire safety to consider.

Three: Read Measurement Charts

You may think that sizes run standard from one clothing retailer to another, but there is a lot of variation, even among baby clothes. The best way to avoid buying outfits that are too small is to read the measurement chart. (The fact that most online retailers provide this chart is a true advantage to shopping online.) It’s helpful to know the baby’s height, weight, chest, and waist measurements. If you aren’t sure about these facts or if the shop doesn’t offer a chart, aim for an outfit that is a size bigger than you expect, then the little one can grow into the clothing. Babies grow quickly, so it won’t be long before something that was too big becomes just the right size.

Four: Talk to the Parents

First-time parents may have a long list of the items they need to complete the layette, and they may appreciate help picking up some of the things they don’t already have. Before you buy another cute little outfit for parents who need sleepers, find out what the baby really needs.

  • Outfits for daytime
  • 7 – 10 socks or tights
  • Several sets of sleepwear
  • Bibs
  • Sweaters
  • Hats
  • A snowsuit

Although new parents are starting from scratch when it comes to building up baby’s wardrobe, parents with multiple children may need to refresh their clothing supply. Again, the best way to know what the new baby needs is to talk to mom or dad.

Five: Read the Shop’s Shipping and Exchange Policy

It’s always important to read the shipping, return, and exchange policy before you order from a baby clothes online boutique. This is especially important when you’re buying baby clothes for someone else. There are many reasons to return or exchange items, such as getting the wrong size, ordering something the parents don’t need, or even getting a design the parents don’t like.

Whether you don’t want to take your baby out or you just prefer to shop from home, use these tips for shopping from online baby boutiques. You may find that online shopping helps you save time and money, both of which can be in short supply once a new baby joins the family.

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