5 Instant Pot Mistakes You’re Making and How to Correct Them

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Instant pots have become very popular in homes across the country. However, there are some mistakes some people will make that might discourage them from using their instant pot. That’s why I’ve put together this fun post on 5 Instant Pot Mistakes You’re Making and How to Correct Them.


5 Instant Pot Mistakes You’re Making and How to Correct Them

Instant pots have become quite popular in recent times and this is due to the many advantages it has. 

The instant pot is a combination of a slow cooker and an electric pressure cooker and can be used to perfectly cook various kinds of food like soups, cake, and yogurt. 

Even though instant pot is popular, a lot of instant pot owners have still not figured out how to properly use one. 

So in this post, we will examine five instant pot mistakes you are making and how you can correct them. 

1. Forgetting to Seal your Instant Pot’s Valve 

Due to the fact that instant pots use extreme heat and pressure to cook, it is important to ensure that the valve is properly sealed before putting it on. 

If the valve is not sealed, your food won’t be properly cooked. 

A quick way to know if the valve is not properly sealed is that when the pressure of the pot comes up, you will hear the sound of air escaping from around the sealing ring. 

This is an indication that the valve is in the venting setting. 

The Solution

Once you notice the valve is not properly sealed, put off the instant pot, cancel the cooking time, and change the valve to the sealing position. 

Reset the cooking time and restart the cooking. 

2. Using the Wrong type of Pressure Release 

The type of pressure release you should use varies depending on the recipe you are making. 

It is therefore important to pay attention to the type of pressure release your recipe stipulates and abide by it. 

When the timer of your Instant Pot goes off, it only means that the pot is no longer generating heat. 

But there is still enough heat and pressure in the pot to cook the food. This is ideal for food like beef steak. 

However, for food that does not need extra time to get tender, you need to use the quick pressure release to eliminate the heat and pressure to avoid overcooking the food. 

The Solution 

Always remember that there is a “no one size fits all” pressure release. Strictly adhere to the type of pressure release stated in your recipe. 

3. Overfilling your Instant Pot 


You may get away with overfilling your regular cooking pot, but definitely not your Instant Pot.

Overfilling an instant pot is the easiest way to mess up both your kitchen and food. 

Food cooked in an overfilled instant pot is usually undercooked. There is also every likelihood that the food will leak out of the pot and splatter on your kitchen surface. 

The Solution

When cooking food that expands like rice, don’t fill the pot more than halfway. 

For other types of food, the pot should not be more than ⅔ full. Make sure the instant pot’s lid can easily shut. 

4. Adding Inadequate or Excess Liquid to the Instant Pot 


Instant pots need little liquid to cook. The liquid can include water, broth, oil, milk, etc. The pot requires liquid for the steam to build up, it is the steam that causes pressure to build. 

Without pressure, your cooking with an instant pot will be a disaster. This means that even if you are baking chicken in Instant Pot, you need to add a little liquid like oil for steam to build up. 

Even though little liquid is needed, ensure that you do not add excess liquid to the pot, this can ruin your entire recipe. 

The Solution

Ensure that you adhere to the accurate measurement of liquid stated in your recipe. Anything more or less can ruin your food. 

5. Setting the Cook Time with the Timer Button

Instant Pots are not like other appliances that use the timer button to set a cooking time. 

The timer button on the instant pot is used to delay the cook start time and not the setting of the cooking time. 

Whatever cooking method you choose automatically determines the cooking time, and this is adjusted using the – or + buttons on the pot. 

The Solution

Except when very necessary, avoid pressing the timer button. 



If you are currently making any of these mistakes, don’t beat yourself up, these are common mistakes that most instant pot users make. 

We however hope that having known these mistakes, you will consciously avoid them. Once you do, you will notice an improvement in the food you cook in your Instant Pot.


Have you made any more instant pot mistakes in the past? Let’s hear about it in the comment section

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