20 Ultimate STEM Projects & Activities for Kids

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Explore STEM ideas with this list of the best ever STEM projects for kids. Your kids will have fun learning when they try all of these fun STEM projects for kids that mix science. technology, engineering, math, and more.

Stem Projects & Activities for kids

20 Ultimate STEM Projects & Activities for Kids

This amazing list of clever, unique and simple STEM challenges are so much fun and are an easy way to engage kids in STEM challenges. You can do these 20 Ultimate STEM Projects & Activities for Kids at home – it’s never too early to introduce them to important STEM subjects at home and encourage them to solve problems with hands on and interactive experiments.

  1. Hatch Baking Soda Dinosaur Eggs from Steam powered family
    This activity is great for all ages and abilities, even adults get involved in the science fun!
  2. Simple Craft Stick Catapults by there’s just one mommy
    Make your own craft stick catapults and let your child’s imagination soar.
  3. Build a Circuit Flower by steam powered family
    Light up your paper flowers with this circuit craft!
  4. Flying Dragon Craft for Kids by there’s just one mommy
    Cardboard tubes are perfect for engaging children in pretend play once craft time is finished.
  5. DIY Marshmallow Catapult by the tip toe fairy
    It’s a little bit of physics and STEM and the kids won’t even realize they’re learning!
  6. Button STEM Activity Challenge by the educators spin onit
    Here’s a quick activity that challenges your child’s fine motor skills and critical thinking skills.
  7. How to Make a Conveyor Belt by pink stripey socks 
    Fun conveyor belt toy that the kids will love!


  8. Science & Engineering for Kids: Paper Building Blocks by babble dabble do
    Our simple paper building blocks are a great way to demonstrate engineering for kids.
  9. STEM Paper Airplane Challenge by kids activities blog
    Here’s a project that will exercise your kids’ brains and making connections through problem solving.
  10. Life-Size Building Blocks by modern parents messy
    Here is a fun activity to do with your kids that they will be proud of and enjoy – try it with blankets and make it into a fort!
  11. Red Cup STEM Challenge for Kids by kids activities blog
    Stack the cups without touching them!
  12. Building with Straws. A STEM Activity. by Kids activities  blog
    Kids need to merge lines (straws) into triangles, and then after making triangles connect them to create a globe, all without being told how to do it!
  13. Water Drop Races by What we do all day
    Blowing water in drops along waxed paper is a simple, fun way to demonstrate water science with kids.
  14. Exploding Pop Rockets by Playdough to Plato
    These classic Alka-Seltzer rockets are an easy kids’ science project perfect for any free day!
  15. Water Cycle in a Bag by playdough to plato
    This water cycle in a bag is a quick prep activity with a BIG payoff.
  16. Dancing Raisins by Coffee cups and crayons
    We you add raisins into the soda they begin to “dance” around the glass.
  17. STEM for Kids: Straw Rockets by Buggy and Buddy
    Your kids loved designing their own rockets and then launching them using straws.

    More STEM fun

  18. STEM Snowman Craft by How we learn
    This is a great lesson in balance and stability too.
  19. Magnetic Ice Science Activity by Little Bins for Little Hands
    Our magnetic ice science activity is the perfect combination for learning and playing.
  20. Preschool Engineering with Rainbows by Natural Beach living
    Experiment more with preschool engineering and your rainbows!

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