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    Printable Scarecrow Craft – A fun Fall Craft for kids

    This fun Printable Scarecrow Craft is a fun and interactive fall craft for kids. Spin the scarecrow to shoo the crows away from the pumpkins. An easy craft you can make in 4 easy steps! 

    Printable Scarecrow Craft- A fun fall craft for kids

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    Printable Scarecrow Craft – A fun Fall Craft for kids

    Fall is such a fun time of the year. It is one of my favorites. Living in Southeastern Pennsylvania I’m blessed to enjoy the splendors of fall. We are truly in full fledge fall now and Halloween is this week! 

    One of the things we enjoy most is going pumpkin picking. Last week I had the chance to go with my 2 little guys and it was such a blast. There’s nothing funner than taking in the gorgeous fall colors, fall scents and going on a hayride while enjoying a delicious fresh picked juicy apple. Most important picking a gorgeous pumpkin! 

    That’s what inspired this fun craft. Scarecrows play a big part in making sure all of these delicious fall treats are kept safe so we can eat them. My boys loved seeing it all and taking it all in! This fun craft will teach your little ones about the importance of scarecrows and how they help out on the farm. 

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