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    Dos and Don’ts At Black Tie Events

    Are you invited to a black tie event? Find out some easy Dos and Don’ts At Black Tie Events so that you’ll have a great time and enjoy while staying in style.

    Dos and Don'ts At Black Tie Events

    Dos and Don’ts At Black Tie Events

    When you get an invitation to a black-tie event, it can be exciting—thinking about a ballroom-style celebration with gorgeous lighting, beautiful floral arrangements, and delicious meals can be thrilling. It’s an excuse to dust off that pair of heels, dress to the nines, and go all out for an evening. Black tie events can also be terrifying if you don’t know what to expect or how to obey the dress code and etiquette expectations. The following will explore some of the big dos and don’ts that you need to adhere to while attending a black-tie event.

    Do Read Your Invitation Thoroughly

    Before you start any preparation work, you need to read the invitation to the event carefully. Black tie is a standard of dress that is on the formal end of the spectrum, but the invitation might specify more details, sometimes going into teeny particulars like colors that people are encouraged to wear and suggestions about footwear giving the type of flooring at the event location. Make sure that you follow the instructions laid out in the letter. If you have any questions, call ahead of time and get them straightened out. Read more…