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    Mini Monkey Breads

    These Mini Monkey Breads are the perfect sweet treat. Just when you thought that you’d be sharing forever, now you can rest easy knowing that you get your own individual portion. Made with pre-made biscuit dough, this simple monkey bread recipe is the best! The easiest and most delicious way to start your day! 

    Mini Monkey Breads

    I love the taste and flavor of monkey bread. Theres’ nothing quite like that sweet glaze paired up with the crust of that baked cinnamon and sugar. It’s one of my favorite breakfast recipes that everyone in the family loves. You can easily pair this with my Bacon & Pancake Muffins for a super fun and easy breakfast treat. 

    And even though I eat these for breakfast, don’t forget that they’re perfect for any time of the day. Dessert time is the perfect time to eat these as well! 

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