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    14 Foods You Should NOT Store In The Fridge

    There are foods you shouldn’t put in fridge. Here’s a list of 14 Foods you should not store in the fridge. Some you may know but some may surprise you.

    foods you should not store in fridge

    14 Foods you should not store in the Fridge

    We all want to make our refrigerator space last and foods as well. Did you know if you went and looked into your fridge you might find a few items that don’t belong in there. Well, below you will see some items listed that are said to be at their prime when they are not refrigerated! Some of these items you might know and others might blow your mind!

    Read below to see what foods you might have hiding in your fridge that you shouldn’t! The nice cool air is great for many foods but some it can have negative effects on.

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