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    14 Foods You Should NOT Store In The Fridge

    There are foods you shouldn’t put in fridge. Here’s a list of 14 Foods you should not store in the fridge. Some you may know but some may surprise you.

    foods you should not store in fridge

    14 Foods you should not store in the Fridge

    Did you know if you went and looked into your fridge you might find a few items that don’t belong in there. Well, below you will see some items listed that are said to be at their prime when they are not refrigerated! Some of these items you might know and others might blow your mind!

    Read below to see what foods you might have hiding in your fridge that you shouldn’t! The nice cool air is great for many foods but some it can have negative effects on.

    Foods You Should Not Be Storing In The Fridge

    Hot Sauce: Even after it is opened, it still is best to keep in the pantry!

    Bread: Bread will dry out faster if it is stored in the fridge. If you don’t eat it fast enough, freeze it, and then thaw out the bread you want to use as you go.

    Coffee: If you store coffee in the fridge it could be changing the flavor. The humidity in the fridge can change the flavor and cause a buildup of watery condensation. Best to store at room temperature. You can however keep large quantities in the freezer.

    Onions: They need air to breath so keep in pantry. But make sure to keep away from potatoes, as they emit moisture and gases that can cause onions to rot.

    Garlic: Can last up to two months on the counter.

    Potatoes: Some people store potatoes in the fridge, but they are best in a paper bag in the pantōry.

    Whole Melons: For whole melons keep them on the counter. Don’t put in the fridge until you have cut it open. Then store in a container in fridge.

    Honey: If you store honey in the fridge it can crystallize so keeping it in your pantry is best.

    This list is Nuts! 

    Hazelnut Spread: For maximum flavor it is recommended not to store it in the fridge.

    Nuts: Colder temperatures do help prevent the natural oils in the nuts from going bad. But the cold environment can change the flavor. Also shelled nuts can absorb other odors within the fridge. It is recommended to store in pantry or counter in airtight container.

    Apples: These do great just having them on the counter in a bowl. They will last a week or two, and if at that time you haven’t eaten them then store in the fridge. That will give it an extra day or two of life. But for best flavor eat sooner than later.

    Basil:The first thought is to place it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh but did you know it  wilt faster if left in the fridge. Worse, it  will also absorb all the smells of the food around it. It’s better to keep it out, sitting in a cup of fresh water, like cut flowers.basil pictures


    Avocados: These are best at room temperature. Now if you have some that are ripe and can’t eat fast enough, then place them in the fridge for an extra day or two of life.

    Tomatoes: They will loose all their flavor in the fridge. The cold air in the fridge stops the ripening process, and ripening is what gives tomatoes more flavor. The fridge will also alter the texture of the tomato.So it’s best to keep them at room temperature.

    Did this list blow your mind? I know it did mine. Looking for more coo lists? Check out this list of 9 Foods you should never buy again!