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    2 Ingredient Chocolate Croissants -Made in under 20 minutes!

    These delicious and chocolaty 2 Ingredient Chocolate croissants will be a huge success for breakfast, brunch or snacks. Made in under 20 minutes you’ll fall in love with the taste and the quickness! 

    2 Ingredient Chocolate Croissants

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    Quick 2 ingredient Chocolate Croissants 

    When you have 6 kids you make it a point to find shortcuts in the kitchen. As much as I love making complicated pastries my life doesn’t really allow for giant complicated recipes because usually I have someone touching something or someone waiting for it to be down. 

    A lot of my life is also spur of the moment due to the excitement a family of 8 will bring. That’s why I love this recipe.  My family loves chocolate croissants. How can you resist them?  But even if you buy them premade you need to leave them out overnight to rise. Although these aren’t typical “croissants” they still hit that chocolate croissant spot. So yes technically not a butter croissant but these chocolate croissant rolls will be a delicious treat! 

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