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    Tips for Summertime fun with Baby

    Summertime fun with baby doesn’t have to be impossible with these tips! Check out how easy it is to have a blast this summer with baby in tow!  Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of my ambassadorship with Safety1st. However, all opinions are 100% mine

    Summertime fun with baby doesn't have to be impossible with these tips! Check out how easy it is to have a blast this summer with baby in tow! 

    It’s summertime and chances are you’ll be going on vacations and outings with your little one. Because I have 6 kids staying home really isn’t an option and sometimes I’ll even have to go places that may not be ideal to take a baby to because of logistics. This summer has been no exception. So far we’ve been to  parks, camping, farms and even New York City! Each time I had one constant my Safety1st Riva stroller. Even if you want to baby wear through some of these experiences, a good stroller is a necessity through all your summer adventures. That’s why the  Riva has been leading the way this summer through all the fun. It’s sturdy yet sleek design helps you maneuver in and out of parks, city sidewalks and even gravel while still keeping your baby comfortable and safe no matter where you go! You can check out some more of the great features that the Riva Stroller can bring to your adventures here. 

    Most important with all the great features such as the huge canopy, peekaboo window, huge storage basket and flat folding you can take it everywhere and anywhere you go. Deciding on the adventures you go on can be tricky but enjoying the time you’re there doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips I’ve put together below to help maximize the fun while out and about while enjoying summertime fun with baby.


    Prepare (but don’t go overboard)

    Make sure and pack for the unexpected. However, don’t go crazy to the point where you’re taking a suite case to your destination. Remember that chances are you can get anything anywhere. For example if you didn’t bring enough diapers, wipes ,treats, etc.. you can always get more so don’t go crazy overpacking. 

    Bring a cover

    So this one has been huge for me. I always carry muslim blankets with me whenever I go out. These are multifunctional because if It’s cold I can just put them on the baby, if I have to nurse I cover myself up and if it’s too sunny I can always use it to drape over the stroller. Because they’re breathable they’re perfect for summer fun at all points of your trip.

    Don’t be scared to let baby explore!

    Part of their overall growth is to explore the world around them. So don’t be scared to find a nice spot for baby to hang out and explore their surroundings. If they’re still not crawling a little blanket on the floor can be a perfect way to help with tummy time. If they’re more active like my 6.0 find a nice patch of grass for them to feel new textures, sights and smells. 

    Bring some fun for them

    The older your baby gets the more fun they’ll want to have. Bringing one of their favorite toys with them can entertain them as well as help keep them comfortable if they’re teething. 

    Make sure and take time to teach your baby

    It’s never too early to start teaching babies. So showing them the exciting stuff around them is a must. You’ll be surprised at how they react at the funny goat that keeps staring at them or the beautiful colors of a flower. Most important teach what each thing is. They’re little computers gathering all the information right now, when you least expect it they’ll start processing and outputting it so make sure and fill them with wonderful experiences to help them on their path.

    Be ready to feed baby anywhere. 

    Babies are unpredictable creatures aren’t they? So just because you’re sitting down for a snack or lunch doesn’t mean they’re ready to partake in the festivities.

    Sleep time may vary

    Because you’re out and about chances are putting baby to nap may not happen at the hours you may want them to happen. So be prepared for a cranky little one at certain points. That being said also be ready for baby to fall asleep when you least expect it. Just go with the flow and make sure you have a stroller that can help recline for maximum sleep time 🙂

    Have fun!

    As the saying goes “You only get 18 summers with your kids” Don’t sweat the small stuff and have fun. I’ve learned after 6 kids to just go with the flow. It can be hard especially if you want things to go a certain way or have certain expectations on the way things should be. But remember they’re kids and they’ll probably remember things in a much better light than you do. So kick off your shoes and enjoy whatever adventure you go on.

    To find out more about the Safety 1st Riva Travel system head over here. 

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