Disney World Secrets you need to know before you go

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When it comes to the secrets of Disney World there are practical secrets, or Easter Eggs. I love both kinds. These are five of my favorites.

Disney is a notoriously secretive company.  Imagineers agonize over details, so it’s not surprising we discover new secrets all the time.  Popular “secrets” often circulate as well.  You probably know quite a few of those already.  When it comes to the secrets of Disney World there are practical secrets, to help you plan, or get more out of your day, or Easter Eggs like hidden Mickeys and interesting, little known facts about the parks.  I love both kinds.  These are five of my favorites.

Secrets of Disney World


I’ll start you off with a helpful tip.  Can you think of any better secrets of Disney World than secret entrances?  The Disney parks have entrances that are hidden from view, or isolated in some way.  Use these entrances to avoid the long lines at the security check and main gate.

Magic Kingdom Cast Member Entrance

Most guests misread this as “Cast Members Only” but it is open to guests.

Hollywood Studios Play and Dine Only

At park open, a cast member takes the sign down.  If you pay attention you can jump in quickly.


There is a side entrance to epcot that few guests actually use.  It leads to the World Showcase, between France and the UK Pavilion.

Animal Kingdom

There is a secluded side entrance to Animal Kingdom that you can get to by passing through the Rainforest Cafe.

Florida Swampland

The swampland shaped Walt Disney World in a number of ways.  Magic Kingdom’s underground utilizers are fairly common knowledge by now.  but some secrets of Disney World involve the natural swampy landscape,  Magic kingdom stands on the second and third story over the seven seas lagoon, the product of landscaping in the area as a result of the swamps.

The Monorail never stopped at the center of Epcot.  Although that was the plan, sinkholes on the route made it impossible.  So, the station was built on the north side of the park.  The monorail circles around through Future World before stopping there.


Another way to bypass crowds (and one of my favorite secrets of Disney World) to get to Magic Kingdom, or Epcot with less hassle is to take an Uber to The Beach Club or the Grand Floridian.  From Beach Club, walk to the side entrance of Epcot, five minutes away.  From Grand Floridian go to the monorail station and enjoy a smaller security check and a short monorail ride to Magic Kingdom.

Animal Tricks

Imagineers should have built Jurassic Park and it never would have failed.  Disney employs secret tactics to get the animals to be out and active.  Some of these tactics include hiding honey for the elephants to find, shooting raisins out of a cannon for the gorillas and building AC into the rock the lions lay on.

Canned Screams

Mike and Sully must be Tower of Terror cast members, because those screams we hear coming from the iconic building are actually piped through, pre recorded screams.  It’s one of the ways imagineers uses sound as an illusion just as they use scents and sights, to trick our minds into believing the fantasy.

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So if you’re thinking of taking a vacation to Disney world  or taking one in the near future these tips should help you with the fun. 

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