Is a Gap Year Feasible?

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Have you been thinking about getting away from it all? Taking a Gap year to explore the world around you? Here are answer to the question Is a gap year feasible?

Is a Gap year feasible

Is a Gap Year Feasible?

It’s the ultimate dream, right? Taking off on the longest journey you could have ever imagined to all corners of the earth. Meeting amazing people, trying new things, seeing some absolute wonders. A gap year is an unforgettable experience that will teach you many things about yourself and the world. But you are older now, so surely the time for such adventures has passed? Certainly not! Imagine the amazing life experience your loved ones will gain from spending a year exploring as a unit. A gap year is completely feasible, and this guide will debunk some of those niggling worries and excuses you have.


When you go on holiday, you usually pack for every possible event and occasion and, even if you’re probably not going to use it, you stick it in anyway, just in case. Leave that mindset with the package holiday families. You need to be taking the bare minimum. You can always pick up bits as and when you need them. You want to leave enough room in your bags for all the bathroom essentials, practical items like towels and a first aid kit, toys and colouring books to keep them entertained, and of course, all the souvenirs you’ll want to collect!


You have some money saved up, but how do people manage to go an entire year without working? The truth is, they don’t. Welcome to the digital nomad life! Taking on some freelance writing work means you can continue your travels and earn some money. To save money, and when you have the facilities, cook for yourselves instead of eating out. Flick that budget switch on and try and make sensible financial decisions, which should get easier the longer you are on the road!


One of the greatest concerns when travelling anywhere is safety. Even if you choose the safest destinations on the planet, there will always be some risks. Have your wits about you and teach your loved ones the same. Always have a meeting spot to wait at if anyone gets separated. Also, make up a card for each loved one at each destination with your phone numbers and the details of where you are staying, and make sure they know where it is and how to use it. Add some fun to it – create a song or catcall that you can use when you’re in a busy place to follow and find each other easily!


If you’re worried about running out of things, forgetting something, or things breaking, relax. Refrain from going completely off-grid to begin with and stick to cities, towns and countries where you know you will be able to find or replace anything you need. If you are unsure, someone that works where you are staying or one of the locals will probably be able to help you find it. Once you have got into the swing of things, you will know exactly what you do and don’t need, and then you can start venturing out a little further afield with confidence.

Yes, you will have to be organised. But your loved one will be forever grateful for all the amazing experiences, plus you get to spend so much quality time together, so it’ll all be worth it.

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