How to Make Your Home Feel Healthy and Comfortable This Winter

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Winter is here which means it’s time to get cozy and comfy. Find out some great ways to make your home feel healthy and comfortable this winter. 

How to make your home feel healthy and comfortable this winter

How to Make Your Home Feel Healthy and Comfortable This Winter

Winter is by far the most dreaded season of the year. During the colder months, most people spend their time indoors. It is also when various infections are elevated; making it important to ensure your home is comfy and healthy. Here are a few ways you can make your home feel healthy and comfortable this winter.

Using a Humidifier to Remove Dry Air

In winter, it is not uncommon for indoor air to be excessively dry. This often leads to various health issues, including sinus congestion, dry skin, cracked lips, and nose bleeding. As pointed out by Erik Nymann from the WeatherStationAdvisor, a humidifier can help moisten your indoor air and create a healthier indoor environment. When choosing one, just ensure it is suitable for your space and doesn’t dent your wallet so much. It is best to pick a portable option from a reputed brand so you can use it to humidify different rooms at different times. 

Consider Your Lighting

Most winters are characterized by a lack of sunlight. In most places, the days are shorter as darkness fills the room earlier than usual in the cold season. To make it worse, we tend to spend more time indoors during winter. But you don’t have to stay in a dull environment in your home. You can cozy up your home in the colder months by simply incorporating elegant lighting options. Look for lighting fixtures that emit a warm, soft glow, especially for functional areas such as your study desk or even the corners in your rooms.


Pick the right lighting options for different rooms in your home, especially the bedroom. You could even consider getting adjustable lighting options that allow you to reduce or increase illumination to suit your needs. To increase convenience, promote sleep, and reduce eye strain, your lighting has to be on point in winter.

Insulate and Warm-up Your Windows

Even after insulating your home, the windows could bring in a lot of cold indoors. It is about time to switch to the heavy velvet or any heavy curtains that boosts the thermal lining. When choosing curtains for your home, go for thick and heavy fabric options. They help block the cold from getting into the house and, in turn, give more heat. Chances are you have your drapes swung back before winter knocked at your door. It is time to texturize and add coziness to your walls so they retain warmth in your home.

Add Warmth Underfoot

No cold feet this winter! As soon as you step into the house, make sure that you have a pair of slippers to slide your feet. That will enhance comfort from when you get into the house. If you have tiled floors, they are cold, no doubt. Cover that cold floor with weave rugs. The shag carpeting could be a thing of the past, but hey, can we go back to the ’70s till winter I over? You will realize that when you have all the cozy mats around the house, it feels warm and homely. Do not forget the throw blanket, accent pillow, coverlet, and ottoman.

Update Your Bedding

Before we even sink in those warm blankets, make sure you have different textiles for your bedroom. A rug for the bare floor, a runner next to your bed, a canopy for your four-poster bed, and a quilt for the headboard and the foot of the bed. If you want that warmth in the bed, go for flannel or jersey. They will hold the warmth. You can have the most massive blanket to coat the cotton fabric. You do not forget the fleece blanket at the feet since the feet are among the body’s coldest sensitive parts.

Revive Your Fireplace

You were out at the beach catching the breeze during summer because the house was too hot for you. It is not time to stay home and be warm. Before we go all the way to invest in warm clothes, let us go back to the good old days when the fire was a source of light. At this time, you will need to stake up your firewood till winter is over. A fireplace is essential during winter, so you are a lucky duck if you have one in your house. If you have to make your house snug and comfortable in winter, be sure to get your fireplace blazing.



Finally, do not forget to ensure your water heater and HVAC unit are working. It also pays to winterize various parts and systems of your home, including the roof and plumbing. With the above few tips, your home can be a healthy and comfortable place throughout the cold season.

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