How Carefully Organizing Your Wallet Can Save You From Pickpockets

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No one likes to be the victim of a crime. Here Are some tips to help you carefully Organizing Your Wallet Can Save You From Pickpockets.

How Carefully Organizing Your Wallet Can Save You from Pickpockets

How Carefully Organizing Your Wallet Can Save You From Pickpockets


Even though our wallets are getting smaller and smaller, we keep filling them with more stuff. While you might think that keeping all your important documents in one place is a good idea, this bears a chance of losing everything all at once. And if you carry your wallet in an easily accessible pocket, this could make you a mugger`s walking dream. This article lists some tips on organizing your wallet to save yourself from being the target of pickpockets.


Don’t Show its Contents in Plainview

First of all, you should never take your wallet out of your pockets in an open street, much less open it to pull out cash or credit cards. If you have to take out your credit card, try to shield the contents of your wallet as much as possible. For cash payments, keep some bills in your pocket, so you can use them without the need for your wallet. Paying your bills online wherever possible is another great option to reduce the use of your billfold in public.


If you are usually too busy to prepare your cash or cards before you go into a store, you should use a wallet with hidden compartments. Put only the bills or credit cards that you will need, in your wallet’s open space and the rest of the stuff in the secret pocket. This way, no one will be able to see everything in your wallet, no matter how close they are standing to you.

Don’t Overstuff Your Wallet

A visibly bulging wallet in your pocket is easy to notice for pickpockets. In order to downsize your wallet, it’s recommended to carry a few things in it as possible. Instead of taking a bunch of cash with you everywhere, use credit cards for your payments. Or, if you have to, use a money clip to carry your bills in a different place from your wallet.


Don’t carry all your credit cards in the same wallet either. If you have to take more than one credit card with you for some reason, put one in your billfold, and the others in a separate men’s credit card wallet in a different pocket. You can find similar wallet content recommendations at, along with some ways on how to reduce it. For example,  old receipts, photographs, business cards, and spare keys don’t belong in your wallet and neither do sensitive information, such as social security or PIN numbers.

Keep Your Wallet Secured

Keeping your billfold secured is also a good way to protect it if you must go to places, such as large crowds or public transport, where there is a chance that a pickpocket can snatch your wallet. There are a couple of ways to protect your belongings under these circumstances.

Don’t Let it Leave Your Sight

Don’t leave your wallet or its contents alone with anyone. Keep it as close to whenever you are traveling, preferably inside your clothes or a bag you can always carry with you. To avoid credit card skimming, when paying with a contactless card in a restaurant or bar, accompany the staff that took your card. And always take your wallet with you if you have to go to the restroom.

Get a Special Wallet

A money belt is one of the safest places you can keep your possessions as it is as close to your body as possible. A thief will hardly have a chance to see it, much less to snatch it away. You can also use a billfold that has a chain strung to it. Attach the chain to your belt or inside your bag, so it will take much more effort to steal your wallet if someone even tries to do it.

Carry Your Wallet in a Secure Place

Whatever the size of your wallet is, it shouldn’t show in your pockets. If the pockets are too small to hide their contents, put your wallet elsewhere. In case you carry your billfold in a bag, always anchor your bag’s opening towards you. For frequent travelers, it’s recommended to get an anti-theft bag to keep wallets and other essential personal belongings safe.


How Carefully Organizing Your Wallet Can Save You from Pickpockets

While getting your cash stolen might pose some inconvenience, losing your documents can cause you huge problems, especially if it happens during a trip. Wherever it happens, it’s a problem you really don’t want to have. Hopefully, these tips on organizing your wallet will help to keep your possessions safe. Remember, it’s always safer to be vigilant with the people in your surroundings, whether you are going through a large crowd or just paying for a coffee.

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