Household Hacks: Uses for Dryer Sheets around the home

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Dryer sheets aren’t just for laundry. Check out some great Household Hacks, Uses for Dryer Sheets around the home Some will blow you away! 

Household Hacks

Household Hacks: Dryer Sheets Around the Home

Dryer sheets, you know those things you toss into the dryer with a load of wet laundry! Well those little beauties can be used so many different ways around your home, you will be amazed. Keep reading to find all the different ways you can use dryer sheets around the home!

You will be shocked at all the things you might have been missing out on doing! The Household Hacks below will make life easier for you.

Below you will see a compiled list of alternative uses for dryer sheets! To save even more money some of these, you can use a used dryer sheet! Awesome, I know!

Alternative uses for dryer sheets

Dusting with Dryer sheets

Use these for dusting blinds, shelves, and more. They work great on pulling up the dirt and dust, and smell great.

Take Static out of hair with Dryer sheets

Rub a dryer sheet over your hair to remove static. It works like a charm in taming that crazy hair!


Pet hair collector

 Have a pet that sheds, well rub a dryer sheet over the area that has hair. It will collect on the dryer sheet!

Dryer Sheets as air freshener

Take a dryer sheet in the air vent, and when the air kicks on it will blow the smell of the dryer sheet all around the room, making it smell fresh and clean.

Freshen Shoes with dryer sheets:

 Stick a dryer sheet in your shoes to help freshen them. Just fold or cut the dryer sheet in half and place on the sole of shoes. Leave overnight and then remove before you put them on.

Freshen Closets:

 Take a dryer sheet and put in your closets. This will help keep them smelling fresh every time you open the doors. For your clothes closet, hang a dryer sheet on a hanger!

Paint Brushes:

 Soak your paint brushes in water with a dryer sheet. This will help loosen the paint, making cleaning the brush easier.

Put under Couch Cushions: 

Place used or new sheets under couch and seat cushions. Then when you have someone sit on your couch, they will smell the fresh scent of the dryer sheet.

Dryer Sheets Repel Insects

In a study they found that Bounce dryer sheets actually repel fungus gnats along with german cockroaches and mites. Stick a dryer sheet in your back pocket, belt loop, or under outside furniture. Then when you are out bugs will stay clear from you, they don’t like the smell of them.

Dirty Pot:

 Take a dryer sheet and lay in the bottom of a dirty pan. If it has really stuck on gunk, the dryer sheet will help loosen it. Just fill the pan/pot with warm water, and the dryer sheet and let sit an hour and then try and wash it.

More Dryer Sheet hacks

Water Spots: 

Use a dryer sheet to buff away water spots on your sinks and even brighten up the chrome on your wheels of car.

Sharpen Scissors:

 Fold a dryer sheet into half, and then cut with your scissors. This will help sharpen those dull scissors.

Dirty Headlights:

 Use a dryer sheet to help wipe away dried on bugs and dirt from your vehicle headlights. Just soak the dryer sheet in warm water and scrub away.

Repel Mosquitoes 

Studies have proven that dryer sheets, particularly Bounce are effective at repelling mosquitoes. …  Researchers who have studied the effect dryer sheets  have on mosquitoes say the linalool found in the sheets keeps them away!

How to repel mosquitoes

Glass Shower Door:

 Wipe down your glass shower doors with a dryer sheet. It will help prevent the build up of soap scum.

Deodorant Stains

If you have got deodorant on a shirt you are wanting to wear, use a dryer sheet and wipe the area. It will lift up the deodorant from the shirt!

These are some great ways to think outside the box when it comes to Dryer Sheets. Looking for more Home Hacks? Check out the Most Popular Cleaning Hacks.

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    There are some great uses here. I want to try the dryer sheet with my scissors and on paint brushes.

    April 19, 2017 at 5:23 pm
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    This is amazing. I can’t believe they can do all of this. I will be giving this a try. Thank you so much for sharing

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