25+ Great Educational Websites For Kids : Fun Learning sites for kids

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This fun round up of over 25 Great Educational Websites For Kids will keep them busy for hours exploring and learning about the world around them. This is a great list of  Learning sites for kids.

Great Educational Websites for kids : A fun list of learning sites for kids

Websites for kids

Summer is here and although the best thing is for kids is to spend time outside getting in all the fun kid activities they need to get in, there are times that the weather thinks otherwise.

Although there’s a lot of non technology fun they can have, let’s face it #life.

That’s why I’ve put together a  list of great websites for the kids. These are mostly geared towards little ones, but you can get some great educational fun for older ones as well.


Fun Learning Sites For kids

This is a fun way to have the kids do some fun stuff while still getting the learning in.

Look further below and you’ll find the clickable link to the below sites along with some other great new sites!

Note of caution: With anything online, please monitor your kids while on these sites.Although I’ve checked them all out myself and have used them with my kids, it’s still the internet and things can happen so please watch your kids while on these sites! 


Comprehensive list of over 25 great websites for kids

 PBS Kids- Fun games from the tv channel. Great stuff for the older kids as well. games for kids
FunBrainCreated for kids in grades Pre-K through 8, has been the leader in free educational games for kids since 1997. Funbrain offers hundreds of games, books, comics, and videos that develop skills in math, reading, problem-solving and literacy
National Geographics Kids: Fun games and online videos from National Geographics geared towards kids.
National Gallery of Art for Kids: offer an entertaining and informative introduction to art and art history. Featuring a variety of art-making tools that encourage exploration and creativity, these computer-based activities are suitable for all ages.
Starfall: Free and paid learning online activities. My little ones love brushing up on skills using this site.
Disney Junior: Fun site full of games and fun featuring all the Disney Junior characters. Free
Library of Congress: Great resources for families and kids from the Library of Congress. Free : All things Dr. Seuss Free
History for kids:  History for Kids is a  free online history network. The website is packed with articles, worksheets and even a quiz on each section.

Some more great learning sites for kid

Jumpstart  -Makers of the education games have now gone online.  You can also find Mathblaster on here which is a series of Math games for older kid. Paid + Free options -You can check stuff out for free but a membership will give you more access to all the features.
CodaKid – an online kids coding academy offering coding for kids, Minecraft modding, Roblox coding, and video game programming courses.
Khan Academy
On the Khan Academy website, children can practice sequential math and science skills in a fun and interactive way.
Mystery Doug: A starter list of K-5 science lessons that are easy to do at home is now free; no sign-up or log-in required. 
This is a fun and comprehensive website for kids full of games and fun.
Scholastic: Has some great games and learning resource broken into age levels. There’s also a great section for  parents and teachers with some great learning resources.  Free
Kidz Page: Hundreds of free kids games, puzzles, activities, coloring pages, clip art & more for children, families, parents, teachers… Kids of all ages are invited to play!Includes free online games, puzzles and kids printables in the kids games & activities sections! 
Prodigy: This engaging, curriculum-aligned math platform is loved by over 50 million students, teachers and admins. No cost, ever.
Squiggle park:  Is a comprehensive list of games that are  effective in building mastery of foundational reading skills through practice and play.
Story Line: A comprehensive list of books for your kids to listen to.
Over 25 Great Educational Websites For kids

Online learning for little ones

Sesame Street: Preschool Games, Coloring pages and more!
Companion site to the popular magazine. Broken down into grade brackets. Filled with articles to help your kids learn about the world around them. You will find great stuff for ages K-6th grade.
Is a fun educational site full of great learning resource for little ones.
ABCYA:Educational games, videos and more. Free & Membership options.
Reading Eggs: This is a fun online program to help with Reading and Math (brother program is Mathseeds) This is a paid program but you can have a week free to check it out and see if you like it. I’ve used this with all of my school age kids to help with Reading and Math and they all love it.
Discovery for Kids: Information on all sorts of great topics for kids.
Spatula: Features great recipes kids can make. Perfect for the little Foodie!
Give your children access to free 3D educational games — including dragon training — and learning activities on JumpStart that will give them the edge they need to succeed.
The Kidz Page has more than 5,000 pages of learning games and activities. It includes online coloring pages, jigsaw puzzles and word games. Each holiday also has its own section of activities and games to enjoy with your children
The Old Farmers Almanac for Kids: Some great fun that correlates with the Old Farmers Almanac.
Cool Math: Math help for various ages, links to about page which will send you to the area your kids need help in.
Highlights for Kids: Companion site to the popular magazine.

Websites for Older Kids

Duolingo: Learn languages for free.

Brain pop: Fun and educational site and a great learning learning resource supporting core and supplemental subjects, reaching millions of lessons.  Also includes
Scratch: Although intended for kids ages 8-16 ,it’s quickly become a hub for all ages. Here you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with others in the online community Scratch helps young people learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively — essential skills for life in the 21st century.
Teach your children the basics of cryptography with the games, puzzles and comics on CryptoClub.

The Code Academy can get your future computer coders off to a great start — for free.

Like I said above, these are all great sites that I’ve checked out myself AND used with my kids. However, there are ads on these sites (all kid friendly from what I could see) and with that I ask you to exercise caution 🙂
Looking for more fun ways to get your kids engaged? Check out some great Learning resources below:
Edible Science Experiments
Backyard Science Experiments for kids
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