Facilitating Learning Despite Face Covering Challenges

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If your child is attending school they are probably using face coverings. This has probably become a giant challenge for them. Here are some tips for Facilitating Learning Despite Face Covering Challenges.

Facilitating Learning Despite Face Covering Challenges

Facilitating Learning Despite Face Covering Challenges

The ever-changing landscape of schools is something that teachers across the country are dealing with as the coronavirus pandemic rages on. Most school districts have instituted a facemask requirement for teachers and students who are in the classroom. This can make it difficult for some students to learn properly.

The challenges that come with the facemask requirement are multifaceted. Cloth masks make it impossible for the students to see facial expressions. The children also can’t see the mouth placement when a teacher is trying to teach proper enunciation of words. Individuals who have hearing loss can’t lip read because they can’t see the person’s lips.

Balancing Safety with Practicality

It’s no doubt that educators have to remain vigilant about the spread of droplets in the classroom. They have to find a balance between keeping the kids safe and wearing face coverings that are practical for the needs of those students.

Some teachers are using a two-layered system to ensure that their students stay as safe as possible. They’re wearing facemasks and face shields so they can interact with the kids in a meaningful manner. For some teachers, this means being able to pull the mask down for a few seconds to allow the students to see their facial expression or mouth position behind the protection of the face shield.

It’s been noted that face shields alone aren’t suitable protection against coronavirus. It does provide a frontal barrier, but droplets can escape from the perimeter of the shield. This is the reason educators should still default to the cloth face coverings and only pull them down when absolutely necessary.

Finding Face Covers for the Classroom

Finding suitable face covers for school might take some time. Teachers may need to try several different styles before they find one that works for their classroom. There are several factors that might impact how suitable they are for specific classrooms. Some of these considerations include:

  • The presence of clear windows to facilitate lip reading for students who rely on that as part of their communication needs
  • Having colorful prints that help to normalize the use of face coverings in classrooms filled with younger students
  • Being able to show school pride with the use of custom face masks that can make the children more comfortable
  • Comfort around the ears to make it easier to wear the face covering all day long

Assisting Students with Face Coverings

As students learn how to thrive in the classroom despite the challenges of face coverings, teachers will have to ensure they’re addressing the challenges that the students face. There are several ways to do this so the educators will have to determine what works with specific groups.

Some of the most effective measures to use include getting their attention before you speak, using a louder voice than normal without shouting, and use body language to help facilitate communication. The goal is to help the children have what they need from you without putting them in danger of coming into contact with droplets.

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