A Step-by-Step Travel Checklist for a Stress-Free Family Trip

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Family vacations can be stressful because of  all the challenges they can have. Here’s a  Step-by-Step Travel Checklist for a Stress-Free Family Trip.

A  Step-by-Step Travel Checklist for a Stress-Free Family Trip.

A Step-by-Step Travel Checklist for a Stress-Free Family Trip 

Traveling with kids can be a stressful endeavor. Not only are you on the go all the time, but there’s also that worry of whether or not your travel plans will work out as planned! This blog post shares a travel checklist for a stress-free family trip abroad. This travel checklist includes tips and tricks from my own experiences traveling with my two young children. From packing suggestions to what activities we did at our destination, these travel tips will make sure your next vacation is unforgettable!

Pack the essentials

One of the primary things in this travel checklist is to pack the essentials. The travel enthusiasts behind BitLux suggest that even if you travel by private jet, you should bring a travel first aid kit on your next family trip. This travel checklist recommends packing a travel first aid kit, even if you are only going for a one-day outing to an amusement park or other travel destinations that may not seem as extreme as those abroad.


In addition to the travel first aid kit, there needs to be plenty of snacks and travel supplies to keep your kids happy and occupied. A travel-sized coloring book, a travel pack of crayons or colored pencils, and a small stuffed animal can be great for keeping even the youngest child entertained during travel time.

Include what you’ll need at your destination

Another important step in this travel checklist is packing plenty of travel-sized items that you’ll need at your travel destination. This travel checklist recommends having travel packs of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion for use during your stay in the hotel or vacation home. It’s also important to have plenty of baby wipes on hand when traveling abroad with kids so they can be easily cleaned up after visiting theme parks or other travel destinations.

Keep a travel bag packed and ready to go home

One of the best travel tips in this travel checklist is keeping a travel bag packed with essentials that you’ll need for your destination. Keep an extra set of clothes, diapers or pull-ups, wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen lotion, insect repellent spray, travel-sized toothpaste and brush, travel toothbrush, travel size mouthwash or floss picks for daily use.

Pack an extra bag to carry your belongings in when you are traveling abroad

Another helpful travel tip is to pack an extra small backpack with the essentials that you might need during travel time. If you’re using a travel stroller, pack a travel bag with travel-sized items to carry when you are out of the stroller. This travel checklist recommends keeping an extra set of clothes in case your child spills or wets their outfit while on vacation.

Bring entertainment for travel time

You should also pack plenty of activities and toys that will keep your travel time fun. When you are traveling abroad, especially with toddlers or preschoolers in tow, it’s important to have plenty of activities that will keep them entertained during travel time. This travel checklist suggests packing a travel-sized coloring book and a travel pack of crayons for each child when going on long car rides or flights where they may not be able to watch TV or use their electronics.

Pack travel-sized items for your children’s meals, too

Another travel tip is packing travel-sized toys and activities that can also double as meal time fun! This travel checklist recommends bringing along small themed puzzles, stickers with an activity guide including mini word search books or other games that are travel-sized so they can be used while waiting in travel lines or during travel time.

Include items to keep you entertained on travel

Exert the effort to pack plenty of entertainment for yourself as well! Whether it’s taking a long car ride or flying overseas, many things will help you stay occupied and distracted from travel time. This travel checklist suggests bringing a travel-sized book, an eReader, or a tablet loaded with books and games to keep you entertained during travel. Make sure to keep earplugs in the bag so that they can be used when traveling abroad on flights where there is extra noise or even just for sleeping while staying at your travel destination.

Keep travel essentials in a travel organizer

It is also recommended to keep your travel supplies and clothing items organized with a travel organizer like the large iBag for Kids first aid kit or similar travel organizers that can be used to store all of these important travel necessities while traveling abroad.


The information you’ve read in this post should give you a good start on the process of preparing for an international trip. However, if life gets in the way and things don’t go as planned, fear not! with the right attitude, you will always overcome any travel bumps that you encounter along the way. Enjoy!

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