9 Cleaning Techniques for Your Home

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Everyone hates cleaning their home. It can be somewhat of a pain. Here are 9 Cleaning techniques for your home that will help you get the hardest jobs done quicker. 

9 Cleaning Techniques for Your Home

9 Cleaning Techniques for Your Home

Cleaning can be a drag, but no one wants to live in a dirty house. If you feel overwhelmed by the chores piling up, you might want to mix things up and try something new. A freshly cleaned house or apartment can do wonders for your stress levels and overall emotional health. You’d be surprised how much pent-up stress you deal with simply because your floors are dirty and dishes are sitting in the sink.

Try some of these tips and tricks to speed up the cleaning process and freshen up your home today.

1. Vacuum More Efficiently

You might be dissatisfied with the performance of your vacuum cleaner, but the problem could be your technique. Try slowing down to make sure you are gathering up all the dust and grime. You can also go over a room twice in a perpendicular pattern. This takes longer, but you’re wasting your time if you’re vacuuming without any results.

2. Scrub Your Shower Regularly

Buy a cheap brush that holds soap and keep one handy in the bathroom. While you shower, you can do quick spot cleans to keep scum and other nasty things from building up.

3. Stop Wasting Water

Filling up a mop bucket and lugging it around is a hassle, plus it wastes a lot of water. Instead, try using a spray bottle filled with detergent to save time and energy. Microfiber mops are great for this method because they don’t need to be soaked to work well.

4. Multitask

Speaking of mopping, you can probably get other tasks done at the same time while walking through the house. Pick up things you notice aren’t in their proper storage space, dust and sweep the floors to maximize your time cleaning.

5. Use Multiple Doormats

Doormats are essential for keeping your house clean, especially in snowy climates. Put one inside and outside your main entrance to ensure that no one tracks muddy boots into the house. Clean your mats regularly, and your floors will thank you.

6. Freshen Up Your Home

Try an air freshener for the home to add a pleasant scent to your dwelling. Scent is a powerful mood stimulant, and you don’t want people visiting your home if it smells. Experiment with different scents to find your favorite.

7. Clean With Appropriate Products

Not every cleaning product is interchangeable. Make sure you have the right tool for the task at hand. Most products are designed with specific functions in mind, and some contain chemicals that might be harmful in particular applications. Be careful and use the proper cleaners.

9 Cleaning Techniques for Your Home

8. Easily Dust Your Ceiling Fan

Most people’s ceiling fans are covered in dust and never get cleaned. Pillowcases are a valuable tool to wipe them off without getting dust everywhere. Get a cheap pillowcase and put it over the fan blades.  All it takes is a quick wipe, and they will look as good as new.

9. Maximize Your Dishwasher

If you have a lot of glass and ceramic items that are attracting dust, throw them in the dishwasher for a quick and easy clean. If you wash things that can’t melt or shatter, you can save hours spent dusting.

These cleaning techniques will make your life easier and more refreshing. Get started right now to experience a brighter, happier household.

Want to get even more organized while cleaning?You can even use a checklist to help! 

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