7 Innovative Ways to Use a Shed or Barn

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Do you have an old barn or shed you don’t really know what to do with? Here are 7 Innovative Ways to Use a Shed or Barn.

7 Innovative Ways to Use a Shed or Barn

Across the nation, there are homes with that little extra room. Whether it’s an add on or a shed or barn, it adds value to the property. Something like decorative bypass barn doors can help to make the entrance appealing. Good looking doors are essential.
If you use it creatively, it can do much more than that. Here we’ll show you seven innovative ways to use that shed or barn.

The She Shed

You’ve heard of the man cave, the place where a guy could be a guy and watch sports or play a spirited game of air hockey with his buddies? Well, not far behind is the she shed. This can be for any woman and for any reason. It’s a hideaway after work or from the kids for a while.

Maybe it’s a place to study away from family noise, take up a hobby, or house your collection of whatever you’ve always wanted but couldn’t keep in the house. Whatever the reason, it’s your turn to enjoy your own custom area. You can install electricity, water hookups, and get as creative as you want with furniture, storage, or whatever you want to put inside.

The Art Studio 

A shed is a great space for an intimate little art studio space. Paint the day away and keep all your supplies all in one place. No clutter or paint spills in the house. You can put in the flooring you want that’s easy to clean, even laminate floor or ceramic tile. It’s up to you. You can do sculpting or model building. Whatever the hobby, you can use a shed of any size to accommodate your interest.  

Blogging and YouTube Studio

It seems like everyone is making videos these days. It’s a hobby and a career. Blogging or vlogging has to take place somewhere and it is a backyard shed. This is a prime location to record because of the acoustics. Blogging or any writing can take place in a shed because it’s an isolated structure. Ah, imagine a writer’s cabin-style shed where they can be as creative as they want.

Your Company Office 

This can happen in a shed or barn. Depending on how many people you have at your company, you can set up shop on your own property and work together. That means you don’t have to pay another office overhead. You’ve got the whole system right on your property. Your power bill is also your bill for your company. This is getting far more popular as more and more people work from home.


You can make some side money and maybe even live rent-free by renting your large shed or barn out to vacationers. This is another trend that’s taking the world by storm. Now, people that have some land and a barn or a shed can rent it out on a reputable web-based company for as long or as often as they’d like. It’s lucrative and it can be done with no large costs to the homeowner.

Barber Shop, Beauty Parlor, Massage Parlor

If you’re not the office type, a service business is a great idea for a shed or barn. Imagine in a barn, you can have a waiting room, small kitchenette, and more to make your space welcoming for your clients. You actually have two stories or maybe a split-plan that you can do a lot with.

Granny Pod

Have an older parent with you? It’s tough to live with your parents when you’re older and married or enjoy living on your own. But you can care for your loved one and also have your privacy, plus room for a caregiver too. This is a very valuable extra home. When you do not need it for that function, you can rent it out or use it for any number of things afterward.

The shed or barn conversion is an exciting project. It will fulfill some dreams and also add value to any home. The possibilities are only as limited as yo

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