5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe Any Time of Year

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We all want to keep our dogs safe year round. So check out 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe Any Time of Year and make sure they live a long happy life out our side.

We all want to keep our dogs safe year round. So check out 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe Any Time of Year and make sure they live a long happy life out our side.

Summer safety isn’t the only concern for dogs. Though they may be outdoors more often when the weather is nice, any time of year presents a safety concern for pets. Just as families work to keep themselves and their children safe throughout the year, they should focus on keeping their dog free from harm as well. With a few tips to do just that, any dog owner can know what it takes to keep their furry friend out of harm’s way when home or elsewhere.

Use a Tracking Collar When Traveling

Traveling is an especially rough time on pets. Many are uncomfortable with long journeys and may not enjoy the location to which the family has traveled. With running away a major safety concern, dog owners should use a tracking collar to ensure they can find their pet fast. The Garmin T5 dog collar is just one option in a full line of tracking collars and similar safety products for dogs. It comes with a rescue mode that initiates after the battery power has reached below 25%. It will allow users to focus on tracking their pet and disable other features to conserve power.

Stick to the Vaccination Schedule

Just as people require vaccinations to prevent illness, so do pets. It’s important to stick to the recommended vaccination schedule and make sure dogs get their shots on time. Traveling makes this even more necessary, as dog owners want to be sure their pet is covered in case he comes in contact with something he shouldn’t, or another animal who may not have their shots. Those who plan on boarding their dog instead of taking them along for a trip need to follow this even more, as most boarding facilities do not take animals that aren’t up to date on shots.

Keep Preventive Medicines on Hand

Preventive medicines come in a variety of types. From flea control to tick preventive, and even antiparasitics, dogs can use a number of options to prevent disease and problems. Summertime, in particular, brings a number of insects and pests to the area, many of which can harm dogs. Having a tick preventive medication on hand will ensure pet owners can apply it when needed. An antiparasitic option is also ideal, as it works to stop heartworm disease and keep hookworms from harming the system. A once-a-month chewable option exists.

Turn Off Power Windows When Driving With a Pet

Some people allow their dogs to sit in the car without a crate. While this practice isn’t recommended, as they would be much safer traveling in a crash-tested crate, it isn’t usually illegal. Only a handful of states have laws regarding travel safety for pets. In any case, pets riding in a vehicle can easily step on the door handle where the buttons sit. This could mean the windows going up and down and potentially causing danger if the dog gets its head stuck. It’s important to turn off the power windows feature when driving with any pet to keep them safe. If they enjoy riding with the window down, then put it down part way before enabling the locking feature.

Use Bottled Water When Away From Home

Many pet owners think all they need to bring for their pet when away from home is some food and a portable water dish. They’ll use whatever water is available at the location they’re at, even if it’s from a fountain. This practice is never okay, as dogs can get extremely ill from poor quality water just as people can. It’s best to pour bottled water into a dog’s water dish to keep them from getting sick.

Pet safety should be a concern for any pet owners. When it comes to dogs, in particular, owners need to be especially cautious and wary of dangers to their beloved canine. Safety is essential any time of year, with numerous precautions taken to keep dogs healthy and unharmed.

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