4 Water Sports You Must Try This Summer

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Looking for ways to find some adventure outdoors? Want to find some fun? Check out 4 Water Sports You Must Try This Summer!


4 Water Sports You Must Try This Summer

The water is warm and inviting, the sun is shining in a clear blue sky. It’s summertime! You’re looking for water sports to try this season. What should you do? Which water sport is best? There are many water sports that you can enjoy this summer, but here are 4 water sports that you must try this summer.


A really fun activity in the water is kayaking. You paddle around on a kayak and see the sights of whatever body of water you are in, whether it’s an ocean or lake. It’s a really great way to explore nature from afar without any harm coming to either party.


It is actually quite easy too! All you have to do is sit down with your back straight up, use one paddle as though it were an oar, and then slide this second paddle through the water like a rudder which will help guide you if needed, all while being seated upright in order not to fall over into the deep waters below.


While kayaks are generally used for fishing purposes such as trolling lures behind them (although they’re also classified by their length), kayaking is an excellent sport for water sport enthusiasts to get in shape.


Kayak racing, kayaks with kayakers, and kayaking frequency are all things that you might be interested in if you’re a kayaker or just want to try it out.


One of the most popular water activities in the ocean is surfing. It can be difficult at first because you need to get the hang of balancing on top of your surfboard in order for waves to catch up with you. However, once you are able-bodied as well as confident enough that this won’t happen again anytime soon, surfing is a blast!


It requires no prior experience or certification. All one needs is an appropriate surfboard (sometimes called “short” boards if they’re less than 11 feet long), which ranges from $50 USD-$350 USD depending on quality, rash guard, shorts, or other types of clothes that will not drag through the water while paddling, surfing wax (to help the surfboard slide more easily across the face of a wave); and sunscreen.


As for the other equipment, here is a list:


  • surfing leash (to prevent loss of surfboard from being dragged out to sea)
  • surfing wetsuit
  • surfing leashes for other equipment mentioned above
  • surfing lessons, if you are not comfortable on a surfboard


You’ll need to find all of this mentioned above before heading out, so go to a surf shop. You should visit where you can browse through different equipment from world-known brands. That way, you’ll have no worries once you are in the ocean enjoying the waves.


Surfing lessons can also be found at many surf shops. It only takes one lesson to learn how to surf! Some people may not have the patience or time for this, but it’s worth all the effort. With them, you’ll be able to do it in less than an hour! And you’ll want everyone on land cheering you on as well.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This activity is growing in popularity every season. It is a sport that you can do on your own, with friends, or as an easy paddle board class. Stand-up paddle boarding has many benefits for the mind and body. For one, it will increase strength in your upper body muscles by working them out when paddling against the waves and currents of water. These activities also have been known to reduce stress levels due to how calming they are.


You’ll need a paddleboard (ideally around ten feet long), some floatation devices like inflatable “paddle boards” or life vests for each person riding on the board (to be used if someone falls into deep water). You may want swimsuits too since this involves being in close proximity to saltwater! Always be careful!


Now, here is a suggestion if you live by the river. Rafting is a sport where you are rafting down the river, avoiding rocks and other obstacles on your way. You can raft up or downstream either direction will offer a different set of challenges.


It is a dangerous sport, but it is one of the best water sports you can do this summer. Some rafts are not stable on their own and require a guide to walk alongside them, or in front of it with a paddle. The raft will have two seats for passengers who sit inside the boat facing forward as they float downstream.


Rafting trips usually last from half-day to multiple days long depending on your preference and skill level. The length usually dictates how challenging the waters will be. Shorter trips offer calmer waters while longer ones provide more white water rapids but also allow for greater fishing opportunities along certain sections.


Make sure your equipment is in line and be very careful on the river.



This article has given you some information about the many ways people can enjoy being on a boat. Whether it be kayaking, surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, or rafting, there is something for everyone in the waters. What’s important for you is to have fun and be careful. Good luck whatever you choose.

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