20 Funny Memes that Describe Motherhood Perfectly

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Motherhood is a beautiful thing. You have a little being (or beings, lots of them in my case) that count on you for everything. Most important you’re basically in charge of their well being at all times. However, motherhood is tough, it’s dirty and few things prepare you for the full assault to the sense that it will bring upon your life. That’s why I’ve compiled this round up of funny memes that describe motherhood perfectly. 

20 Funny memes that describe motherhood perfectly

Funny Memes that Describe Motherhood Perfectly

I remember when I was pregnant with my first baby I had horrible morning sickness. During that time I was still a teacher. I remember one particular day I was so sick I threw up in the middle of the day at school. As I was walking back to class a teacher stopped me and pointed out the fact I had vomit on my shirt. I was mortified, she being a seasonned mother, laughed. Then she told me girl, don’t you even stress, this is just preparing you for the random crap you’ll be wearing thanks to your kids. Looking back I realize how true her words were.

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That’s why I’ve put together this round up on memes that sum up motherhood. They are funny, honest and pretty much true. If you have a little one at home you know whether you’re the CEO of a Multimillion dollar conglomerate or a stay at home mom, motherhood is an interesting mixture of laughs, crying (by both you and the children) and pure exhaustion.  Because let’s face it all begins with you being late. mom humor

and then you’re never the same again.

There are days it isn’t even close to the picture you envisioned. 

motherhood explained meme

You also start realizing that no matter who you were before you had these little beings means nothing….

Funny mom memes

And well relaxing becomes a thing of the past..

Because who needs sleep right?

Funny Mom memes

You also begin to understand so many things from when you were younger….

Funny mom memes

Because your kids will send you to the edge…


And many times even when you have the best intentions, life happens…

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And then once in a while you get a glimpse of the mother you thought you would be

Mom life humor meme

Because we’re all perfect parents before we have kids. 

And even when you try to put your foot down, you realize the apple doesn’t fall far the tree,

Funny Motherhood Meme

Working moms have it hard because they have to deal with people all day and then go home to brutal little people. Stay at home moms just want to escape for a few minutes of fresh air. 


But what’s always great about being a mom is discovering all the new hobbies you are enjoying now.


Funny Mom memes  

And recipes you never knew existed. 

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Or the fact you’ve become a heck of a toy engineer. 

\Funny mom memes

As a mom you develop a taste for the finer things in life.



And many, many times it’s a thankless job.

 mom humor

Especially at your most vulnerable. 

Funny mom memes

But you love those little ones with all of your heart. 

motherhood meme


And in the end you’re still who you once were…..

mom humor 

Only better…

Motherhood really is amazing. However, you have to have a sense of humor or else what fun will it be? In the end we’re all just trying to be a good mom and love our babies to bits. 

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