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    20 Memes that Sum up What it’s like to have a Toddler (A fun collection of Toddler memes)

    This funny round up of Memes that Sum up What it’s like to have a toddler, will make you feel better about the daily chaos you experience while embarking in the toddler years. So check out this fun collection of Toddler memes.

    After 6 kids I’ve come to realize NOTHING prepares you for toddlers. I know, as a new parent chances are you felt like the sleepless nights that the first year brought you were tough. You figure there’s nothing worse during  the  first few months when you’re trying to figure things out. From feedings to diaperings your new normal is crazy.

    Then you *think* you have this parenting thing figured out. You even get a little bit brave and figure you’re a pro at this parenting thing.Funny toddler memes

    Memes that Sum up What it’s like to have a toddler

    Then all of a sudden your once sweet little baby becomes nothing other than a screeching gremlin and you  begin to question life itself.

    During the Toddler years there’s a lot  of crying, tantrums, meltdowns and for lack of a better word chaos. However, don’t even get me started on the toddlers themselves. 

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