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    How to make Non-Toxic Homemade Kids Paint

    This easy recipe is perfect for any fun arts and crafts activity. An easy paint recipe you can use with your kids that’s non-toxic. This is an easy tutorial to help make non-toxic homemade kids paint.

        How to make non-toxic homemade paint

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    How to make Non-Toxic Homemade Kids Paint

    My kids love to get creative. They love painting and creating various arts and crafts. . Their favorite things in the world aren’t just getting a box of paints or a box of playdough they like making it. Activities like homemade edible frosting playdough and homemade play dough. That’s why I love this non-toxic homemade paint recipe.

    This fun “recipe” includes items you probably have on hand already and will give your kids hours of fun. 

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