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homemade foaming hand soap

    How to make Foaming Hand Soap

    Did  you know you can make foaming hand soap just like in the stores? Here’s a great recipe I have been using for a while with my giant family that not only produces some amazing hand soap, but it’s incredibly cost efficient. Read on to find out how to make Homemade Foaming Hand Soap.

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    How to make Foaming Hand Soap

    With the Covid-19 people have found a new love of washing hands. Chances are you’ve gone to the store and have found empty shelves where soap once stood. When you have a big family like mine however, you find ways to make things that will save you money. So when something crazy like this comes along you’re a few steps ahead of the race. 

    My husband is actually the one that got me doing this a while back when he heard about Dr.Bronner’s Castile soap and loved the feel of it after he washed his hands. But how could he get the most out of every bottle. 

    Most foaming soaps will cost you between $2-4 depending on brand. With all the talk of chemicals in soap being bad for you going cheap isn’t a good thing either. 

    I then remembered that foaming hand soaps are mostly water and some soap but tons of cleaning power. So I began experimenting with ways to maximize the soap. I finally figured out how to make the foaming soap with the best soap/water ratio and lots of cleaning power for the dirty little paws in my home. 

    Best of all because I’m making my own the price will be significantly lower. 

    Read on to find out how to make your own homemade foaming Hand Soap! 

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