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    Witches Hat Treats Filled with candy!

    Don’t miss out on these Witches Hat Treats Filled with candy! They’re the perfect treat to ring in the Halloween season in a fun, festive, and delicious way! 


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    Witches Hat Treats Filled with candy!

    Who says trick or treating has to happen outside? The kids will LOVE seeing these cute witches hats only to discover that they’re full of candy as well. It’s a fun way to make Halloween happy early in your house with minimal effort on your part. 

    This would also be a super fun activity to do with the kids so that they can be a part of the creative fun! The more that you can spend time together in the kitchen, the better. Some of my best memories growing up were in the kitchen learning the tricks and tips for baking. 

    I’ve also whipped up these fun Halloween treats for class parties or fun house parties, too. No matter who eats them, they’re always surprised at what is waiting inside! 

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