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    DIY Sidewalk Foam Paint : How to make Sidewalk foam paint

    This fun Sidewalk Foam Paint is a great way to get the kids outside and creative. They’re going to love the sunshine and being able to show off some of their fun artwork to the neighbors walking by.  This fun and easy to tutorial will teach you how to make sidewalk foam paint. 

    Sidewalk Foam Paint

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    We’re always looking for fun things to do and this sidewalk foam paint recipe is a super simple one that can easily be whipped up. When the sun is shining, the kids just want to be outdoors playing anyway so why not give them their art lessons outdoors for the day? 

    Once you discover that you can easily make outdoor paint, the sky’s the limit! Next, who knows what you’ll be creating for the kids to enjoy! And since this is such a fun and simple recipe to make, let the kids be the ones to help make it! You can easily turn the whole process into a learning experience as well so that they feel empowered to make their own batch next time. 

    This fun activity will have the kids scrambling to get outside as fast as they can. Pair this up with these 40 Creative Nature Crafts For Kids and you can literally plan on spending your whole day enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. 

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