Toys R Us is Back!

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When Toys R us closed its doors a couple of years ago, there was a collective sadness sighed from coast to coast. Read on to find out how this Toy Giant is making a comeback and what it has in store. 

Toys R US is back!


Toys R Us is Back!

Today, Target announced it had partnered with TRU Kids, parent company of the Toys R Us brand, to re-launch a new Toys R Us ecommerce website in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season.  The new website, which directs customers to to complete a purchase, is the first real attempt to recapture its historic market share in the toy business since it filed for bankruptcy in September 2017.


Kenneth Wisnefski, online marketing expert and founder/CEO of, states “Toys R Us has their work cut out for them as they attempt to re-penetrate the consumer toy market”.  Wisnefski adds “they will need to aggressively leverage social media, paid search and display ads in order to quickly get in front of consumers at this critical time of the year.”


Wisnefski’s also added : “In 2017, when Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy, I argued their failure to innovate and keep-up with major competitors (Amazon, Walmart, etc.)  ultimately cost them their business.  Their ecommerce website lacked exposure and a user-friendly interface, while Amazon and Walmart were blossoming on social media and offering free 2-day shipping with larger product inventories.”


While Toys R Us has over 4 million Facebook followers, their recent Facebook post announcing the new website only generated 600 engagements, which is exceedingly low.  In order to be relevant and in-front of consumers again, the company will need to make a ‘splash’ particularly on social media.


While the company’s timing to launch a new website is spot-on, ultimately their social media and online marketing decisions will largely impact their short-term success.  Or of course their failure given the time of the year.

So what will be of this new venture? Do you think Toys R US has what it takes to make it in the Amazon market? Do you think their timing is good? Let me know your thoughts below. 

Either way, will you be shopping at Toys R Us this holiday season? 

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