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unique ways to dye Easter Eggs

    Unique Ways To Dye Easter Eggs

    Looking for clever & Unique ways to dye Easter Eggs? HEre’s a fun round up of 30 Unique ways to Dye Easter eggs! 

    Unique Ways to Dye Easter Eggs 

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    History of Easter Eggs

    Who knows when or how dying eggs became a thing. There are many theories and stories on how the tradition of Dying Easter Eggs came to be.  Some say it dates back to the Blessed Mother herself, others credit Early Christians. Some even say it has pagan origins. Whoever it was started a tradition that would span a long time. 

    Dying eggs has come a long way and it’s interesting to see how times have changed and the methods in which we dye eggs has also evolved.  

    Unique Ways to Dye Easter Eggs

    Spring is in the horizon. That also means it’s almost time for Easter. With little more than a month left before the big day decorating Easter Eggs starts flying close to my radar. Although my kids love to do the traditional egg dying there are are so many great ways to dye eggs.

    That’s why I’ve put together this fun list of dying beautiful Easter Eggs! This fun round up of Clever and Unique ways to dye Easter Eggs will surprise everyone! You’ll be amazed at all the great ways you can dye an Easter Egg.  Below are some great tutorials using items such as shaving cream, rice and even onion! 

    It’s amazing how many different ways exist to dye eggs. 

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