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teething relief

    Get Teething Relief for your little one with Camilia + Giveaway

    Find out how to get teething relief for your little one with Camilia. Although this is a sponsored post by BoironÒ & PTPA, my love of all of their products is 100% mine.

    teething relief

    Teething can be one of the first big obstacles you go through as a parent. For some kids it’s minimal and you don’t even know they are going through it. For others it can be a huge nightmare. When my youngest was getting his first teeth I remember him being absolutely miserable.  He went from being a sweet little baby who was always happy, to a grumpy little man. It’s funny because even after 5 kids before him, I thought I had the hang of teething. I began to realize however, this was just not the case with him. He became extremely irritable, crying all the time, drooly, bright red face and just generally miserable. 

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