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    Chocolate Strawberry Ladybugs – Easy & Fun Dessert Idea!

    Here’s a fun dessert idea that combines chocolate and strawberries into delicious Chocolate Strawberry Ladybugs. These easy to make little treats will be the hit at any event or gathering!  
    Here's a fun dessert idea that combines chocolate and strawberries into delicious Chocolate Strawberry Ladybugs.

    I love fun themed dessert ideas. I love them more when they’re easy to make. There are fewer things that are cuter than a ladybug dessert and well this dessert is a trifecta because it incorporates 3 of my favorite things, Chocolate, Strawberries & Ladybugs.

    The best part is that it’s so easy to make with minimal ingredients and most important minimal work. However, the product is a gorgeous ladybug that is out of this world adorable! I can’t believe how cute it is and how delicious it is to eat (although you might not want to because of how perfect they look) These are perfect for a summer gathering, spring fling or just because!

    Use them for a birthday party or even a picnic. The sky is the limit! Best of all you won’t break a sweat making them!


    What you’ll Need: 

    • 1 Pint Fresh Strawberries
    • Wilton Milk Chocolate Candy Discs
    • 1-2 pieces Black Licorice Rope
    • Edible Eyes


     Cut the stems off the strawberries and cut a small sliver off the bottom side of each berry so they will lay flat.

    Melt chocolate per package directions.

    Dip each berry into the chocolate coating about a third of each one.

    Place 2 edible eyes on each dipped berry and let harden for about 5 minutes.

    Place the rest of the melted chocolate into a small plastic baggie and pipe a line down the middle and little dots all over the top to resemble a ladybug.

    While this chocolate hardens, cut tiny ½ inch pieces of licorice.

    Poke two of these into each berry, one above each eye to resemble antennae’s.

    Fun for summer parties!

    Aren’t they perfect?

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