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    St.Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin Idea

    Looking for some fun Sensory Play that with a magical twist? Then look no further! Help your little one search for their pot of gold in this St.Patrick’s Day Sensory bin idea.St.Patrick's Day Sensory bin idea  

    St.Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin Idea

    As a parent I struggle with doing a million things while making sure my kids aren’t glued to the TV. It’s especially hard with the little ones. I mean isn’t it easier for them to sit and binge watch Paw Patrol sometimes? That’s why Sensory bins are so important to me. Because I’ve noticed even when they have a million toys to play with after a while it’s like they have none. 

    However, Sensory bins are the toy that keeps on giving and going. Studies have shown the importance of Sensory play. That’s why I have tons of Sensory bins here in my home that I’ve made out of various fun items. This always feels like a proactive direction in parenting for me. Especially when the weather isn’t where it should be and outside play isn’t an option.  Because I have tons of ideas, I will begin  sharing them with you all because who couldn’t use the inspiration right?

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