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    Snow Spray Paint Recipe : A fun Winter Sensory Activity

    If snow is in the cards then why not make it fun? Here’s a fun snow spray paint recipe that’s the perfect & fun winter sensory activity. Your kids won’t just have fun sledding in the snow give it some fun colors! 

    Snow spray paint: A Fun winter sensory activity

    Snow Spray Paint Recipe : A fun Winter Sensory Activity

    We’ve had so much snow I’m starting to wonder if we’re somehow living in the arctic. It’s been insane. However, the kids have been absolutely loving all the snow. I mean let’s face it they get days off from school and they can play in it. What’s not to love? Here’s a fun way to take the snow game to a whole new level! 

    This fun activity is so easy to do and best of all your kids will have a blast doing it. With simple ingredients and lots of fun what’s not to love! If you have kids that are anything like mine they’ll probably spend hours creating with the world’s most amazing canvas, snow.

    So read on to see how easy it is to make this fun winter sensory activity. 

    How to make Snow spray paint

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