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    Easter Science Activity :A Fun Easter Fizzing Science Activity

    This Easter Science:A Fun Easter Fizzing Science Activity is a super fun way for the kids to get excited about Easter with a bit of science and STEM learning sprinkled in.

    Easter Science Activity :Easter Fizzing Science Activity

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    Easter Science Activity: A Fun Easter Fizzing Science Activity

    The fun part about this Easter science experiment is that it combines fun and bright colors with Easter fun! Anytime I can get the kids to enjoy doing a project at home that will showcase how things work or spark conversations about science, I’m so excited to make that happen!  We all know how important hands on learning is so being able to make learning come alive is important. 

     It’s always a great learning lesson to see baking soda react to vinegar. The kids will sometimes even call it “magic” and are ALWAYS excited to do an experiment such as this. 

    All I have to do is explain it to them and then step back and let them take over. They enjoy reading and following the directions because they know that this is a fun and easy way to create a cool and unique experiment at home. 

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