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    Hands on learning fun with Scholastic and Klutz Make Your Own Tiny Camper 


    Thank you Scholastic and Klutz for sponsoring this post. March is Craft Month and Scholastic and Klutz offers hands on learning and a healthy-dose of fun! Find out why the Scholastic and Klutz Make Your Own Tiny Camper is a must have for creative fun in your home.  

    Hands on learning fun with Scholastic and Klutz Make Your Own Tiny Camper 

    I don’t know about you but my kids tend to gravitate towards technology, which is fine but at certain points becomes too much. I have a few kids who are incredibly creative. They love to turn household items into works of art. One of them has even made cities of out of Post-it notes. She loves to create. So when I found out Scholastic and Klutz had fantastic sets that would bring out my daughter’s creativity, I had to get one for her and man was I glad I did.

    Everything you need for Creative Fun

    I’m not going to lie when I saw the box I was a little concerned as to how a camper would be built. However, when I opened the box and saw the super kid friendly and easy to use instructions I realized how amazing this project would be. 

    My daughter was so excited when she saw all the content. I literally saw the star in her eyes and her brain putting together this amazing project. 

    These boxes include EVERYTHING they need to put together their own camper. It includes chipboard camper pieces, 3 punch-out sheets, glue, 1 fabric sheet, stuffing, yarn, thread, oven-bake clay, faux fur, gold straw, wooden sticks, star sequins, brads, faux moss, tiny umbrella. Best of all it includes clear instructions and pictures. Even kids that don’t have the creative bug will build this gorgeous set. 

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