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scarecrow crafts for kids

    15+Sweet Scarecrow Crafts For Kids

    Looking for some fun and Sweet Scarecrow Crafts For Kids? This roundup is perfect fall fun.Whimsical and sweet you’re sure to find the perfect Scarecrow craft!

    15+Sweet Scarecrow Crafts For Kids  

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    15+Sweet Scarecrow Crafts For Kids

    Scarecrows are synonymous with fall. They are such a fun and whimsical part of fall. However their history is pretty interesting.

    During the Middle Ages in Britain and Europe, small children worked as “crow-scarers”. Their job was to run around in the fields, clapping blocks of wood together, to frighten away birds that might eat the grain. As the medieval period wound down and populations decreased due to plague in 1348, farmers discovered there was a shortage of spare children to scamper around and shoo the birds away. As an alternative, the farmers stuffed old clothes with straw, placed a turnip or gourd up on top, and mounted the figure in the fields. They soon found that these lifelike guardians did a pretty good job of keeping crows away. This idea eventually made it to the states where you began to see these life like figures grace fields and ready to shoo birds away.

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