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    Answers to Comments About the Size of Your Large Family

    Don’t stay speechless when someone comments on the size of your large family. Check out Answers to Comments About the Size of Your Large Family

    Comments About the Size of Your Large Family

    Ever since 4.0 came into the picture I’ve gotten use to receiving comments from complete strangers and although I know most are trying to be funny or witty, to most moms with a lot of kids they can be downright annoying. Now that I’m pregnant with 5.0 these comments have become even more frequent and I get it. Nothing makes more people open their mouths and have diarrhea of the mouth more then when they see a woman with a pregnant belly walk by with 4 little ducklings behind her. However, when you’re dealing with a woman with a lot of a kids or a pregnant woman with a lot of kids don’t be surprised if you get some equally witty answers;)

    So mamas with big families, here’s a compilations of comebacks I’ve used or at least thought of when faced with the inevitable comment from strangers.


    Are they all yours?

    -No I enjoy going through the neighborhood picking up stray children and bringing them to the store with me. There’s nothing more enjoyable than shopping with all these kids.

    -No I’ve collected random children and use them for various tasks around the house. Cheaper than getting a maid.




    You know what causes that don’t you?

    -No,apparently I don’t but when I find out you’ll be the first one I tell. 😀

    -What causes what? Doesn’t the stork drop them off?


    Are you done?

    -Nope, still waiting for the perfect child.

    -Nope still waiting for one that looks like me (And yes that’s what I usually answer because they’re all carbon copies of the hubby)

    -Nope still waiting to get a call for a reality show, how else are we going to put them through college.

    -Nope this is part of my diversified retirement plan, odds are one will be rich.

    -Nope I need a few more to start a nice little sweat shop in our garage.



    Do they have the same father?(YES they’ve asked me that before)

    Usually I just stare at the person but in my mind I say “No, I like to pick out my kid’s fathers based on looks and ethnicity, creating the super child.” Still haven’t found it but will let you know what the perfect blend is 😀

    You have your hands full!

    -Not really I baby wear. Hand’s free Baby!

    -Just doing my part to populate the world with a better quality of human.

    Don’t you have a TV?

    -If you think TV is better than the alternative then maybe you’re doing something wrong.

    -If I didn’t have a TV I would have 2o.


    Having a big family is not for everyone, I know  the thought alone will make many women’s ovaries physically  jump out of their body.  However, I wouldn’t change the chaos and fun for anything in the world. Most important I can’t for a second imagine my life without any of these kids.  Either way I know most people mean well and they’re just amazed at the shear awesomeness moms with lots of kids emanate. So enjoy the kids enjoy the chaos and enjoy the shock value your family brings to all those around you 🙂 No one ever said I wish I hadn’t had so many kids 🙂

    PS: We should remember that as much as we hate people making comments about our large families, people with small families or one child hate comments directed at them. Many times the size of their family is beyond their control. I remember when the hubby and I couldn’t get pregnant I had someone come up to me on Mothers’ day and tell me “I can’t wish you A Mother’s day because you’re not even a mother” That killed me because they didn’t know we were trying so hard and 3 years after getting married still hadn’t been able to have a family. SO moral of the story don’t assume. 😀

    What are some answers you’ve given people when they’ve made comments about the size of your  family?


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