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    Adorable Bee Puppet Craft

    What a fun project for the kids! This adorable bee puppet craft will have their creating and using their imagination for hours! Perfect for summertime fun! 

    bee puppet craft

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    Adorable Bee Puppet Craft

    If you’re in the market for a fun summer craft that the kids will love creating on their own, look no further than this adorable bee puppet craft. Not only can they make it and use their imagination to give it “life” but it’s also a fun bee craft that they can literally do almost on their own as well.

    Just hang out for adult supervision and let them take the reigns on this one. There’s nothing better than watching them build their confidence and knowledge while working on their fine motor skills, too. 

    “Bee” ready for them to want to create this simple activity over and over again because you can’t just have one bee puppet…you’ve got to have a whole bunch of them! 

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