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    Fun Activities for Kids while School’s Out

    Looking for some fun screen free activities for kids? Check out this roundup of fun Activities for kids while schools out. Most are under $25 and will provide hours of fun! 

    Fun activities for kids while schools out

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    Fun Activities for Kids while School’s Out

    We’re all pretty much in the same boat right now. All of our kids are home. We’re all home.  Although for many it’s a huge inconvenience, it’s time to make lemonade out of the lemons life has given us.  For kids it’s especially hard. Although they may have an initial excitement that school “has been canceled”, life as they know it has changed.  They can’t hang out with friends, go to their after school ballet class or head to Cub scouts. 

    Eventually that will wear on them. That’s why I’ve put together this list of Fun Activities for kids while school’s out. 

    These products are simply fantastic and will provide hours of fun for your kids. Even though there are tons of companies offering a free subscriptions while schools are closed.

    Some screen free time is necessary. From STEAM to Art I’ve covered it all with this fun list of Activities. Best of all most are under $25 making them an inexpensive options that will be shipped to your home in no time. 

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