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Organizing the Chaos

    7 Fridge Hacks To Make Life Easier

    Refrigerators can get pretty messy quickly.  Making life a little crazy as well. Here are 7 fridge hacks to make life easier, when it comes to your fridge. 

    Refrigerators are used multiple times a day, and let’s face it, they can get pretty dirty! They hold all your perishable foods, drinks, and more. Below are some fridge hacks to make life easier, when it comes to your fridge.

    Get your fridge looking organized and smelling better than ever! These are simple tips and tricks to make your fridge a happier place. If your fridge is looking a little disorganized, well I am here to the rescue!

    Refrigerator Hacks That Will Change Your Life

    Line Shelves: You can buy liners for your fridge shelves! These are great for catching spills and a quick cleanup. You can take them out and wash and dry them and then put back in your fridge. It makes cleanup in the fridge so much easier. You can also buy Press n’ Seal and cut to size of shelves and put in. Then when you are done, take out and toss and lay down new liners. This is a disposable route if you don’t want to buy liners to put in.

    Egg Carton in Side Door: Consider taking the top off an egg carton, and placing the part of carton where eggs went in your door shelf. Then put your condiments in place upside down. This will help you from having to shake them to get the mustard out, and save space. Plus if anything leaks it will go into the carton and not on your shelf!

    Label Shelves: Consider labeling your shelves, so everyone in the house knows where items belong. You could put spreads in one area, for butter, cream cheese, etc. Then dressings in another area, and so on. You can buy self adhesive letters to spell out what you want.

    Shelf Bins: Most refrigerators have one or two drawers, but consider buying shelf bins. These bins fit nicely into one of your shelves in the fridge. You can put a label on it, so you know what is in it. It could be after school snacks, items that need to be eaten soon before going bad, or anything else you want.

    Lazy Susan: Consider buying a lazy susan or two for your shelves. Then you can place jarred items or condiments that don’t fit in your door on here. Then just spin it around to find the items you want!

    Glue Magnets to Containers: Cut out magnets and glue to bottom of containers. Then you can stick it onto the fridge door for extra space. These could be items that don’t contain a liquid in them, as you don’t want them to leak out. You can buy the smaller round tupper-wear bowls for this, works wonderfully.

    Baking Soda: Keep a container of baking soda in your fridge. Just open it up and set it on a shelf. This will help soak up food odors in your fridge. Change it out every 30 days.

    These easy Refrigerator Hacks can help make life easier, because let’s face it life can get crazy so why not simplify every little thing we can.