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    Parents to Newborn:Tips for Newborn’s First 30 Days

    Parenting a newborn can be a challenge but with these Tips for Newborn’s First 30 Days it might be a little easier.
    tips or newborn's first 30 days

    Tips for Newborn’s First 30 Days

    When you are pregnant, even if pregnant for the second time around, you have these high expectations of what the first month with this newborn baby will be. You daydream about how this little bundle of joy will sleep after eating and lay there peacefully day in and day out. Sadly these daydreams are often disrupted once your newborn arrives and is brought home. Newborns are not easy to handle with lack of sleep and this guessing game of trying to figure out what they are crying for makes for an overtired parent and often times a lot of frustrated feelings. It’s perfectly acceptable to struggle during the first 30 days of being a parent to a newborn, and it’s not uncommon to struggle.

    You can survive the first 30 days of being parents to a newborn, if you simply follow these tips and remember that you cannot do everything nor do you need to.

    Ask for Help

    Start off by remembering that you are not able to do everything and that’s okay. You just went through quite an ordeal of carrying this baby for approximately nine months and then delivering this newborn. Learn to accept that asking for help doesn’t make you a failure at all. Learning to seek help from family and friends will quickly become something you realize is necessary to maintain some level of sanity.

    Work with Your Partner

    Take turns with your partner on newborn baby duties. Remember that you are both the parents in this situation. When you accept that each of you will play a key role in the safety and care of your newborn, you will quickly see that stress diminishes as you learn to rely on each other during these overwhelming times. Perhaps engage in a conversation with your partner on how you two will work together during the first 30 days of being parents to a newborn.

    Figure out Routine

    Your newborn baby will be happiest and easier to handle when their needs are met. While it will take a little bit of time to learn your newborn baby’s routine, figure it out as soon as possible and stick to it the best you can. Learning how often your newborn needs food, diaper changes and stimulation will assist in ensuring you are less stressed when raising a newborn in the first 30 days home.

    Accept Lack of Sleep

    While it may be easy to focus on being overtired, your newborn is going to need you to be relaxed and strong for them. Stop focusing on the lack of sleep. Accept that being a parent to a newborn means you will not sleep as much. Perhaps accept lack of sleep as a necessary part of parenthood during this stage and take naps whenever you can between parenting your newborn. When you accept lack of sleep as part of your parental journey during this stage, you will be happier and in turn able to focus more on solutions versus problems.

    Don’t Micro-Manage

    It’s easy for parents to micro-manage someone else who is tending to their newborn. Learn that when you seek help from family or friends and lean on your partner for help that micro-managing how they handle your newborn will only create stress. Let go of micro-management and let others help you, for they are here to help not harm you during these days of parenting a newborn.


    Getting yourself accustomed to the lifestyle of parents to newborns isn’t easy. When you bring in sleepless nights, hormones trying to get back to normal and the stress of having adult responsibilities on your shoulders while also trying to be the best parent possible, it’s normal to get stressed out. Being overwhelmed in moments will happen. If you try to use these tips on how to survive the first 30 days of being a parent to a newborn, you should be well on your way to feeling relaxed more often than not.

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