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New Years Resolutions

    10 New Year’s Resolutions For Moms

    Every New Year should be treated like a blank slate.  A way to start over and have our lives go in a positive direction . Here are 10 New Year’s Resolutions For Moms that may help us put things in perspective. 10 New Year's Resolutions For Moms

    As a mom I tend to try to focus in on everyone and everything around me but rarely make an effort to make resolutions for myself and my role as a mother. Because of the shear chaos in my life I fly by the seat of my pants. A Lot. So this new year I’ve come up with 10 New Year’s Resolutions For Moms to help me focus in on my role as a mother. Not to be a better mother but to make the best of this gift I’ve been given.

    1. Live in the Now

    As Mom’s we are always thinking about the future. It keeps us up for hours. I know at times I’ve caught myself sitting there with my kids thinking about the what if and the later and not appreciating or enjoying the time I have with them now. To be honest with you I’ve even gotten annoyed at them for interrupting me during that time. Yet, I’m not enjoying THESE moments, the moments we’re a family. The Moments they’re little and still need me. The Moments that make my kids who they are and are forming them for that future I’m so worried about. So instead of worrying about what may come, I need to enjoy the now with them.

    2. Love Your Kid’s imperfections

    We will compare our kids to others no matter how much we lie to ourselves. It’s inevitable. However, let this be the year we embrace the quirks our kids have. Let’s have patience with those things that aren’t perfect about them, but makes them unique. Most important lead by example in loving them for who they are and not by what we want them to be or become. They are our children and if we can’t love them and accept everything about them then what kind of lesson are we teaching them when it comes to loving the imperfections of others.

    3.Make Time for your Husband

    Motherhood can be completely self enveloping and the kids can truly become our lives. But at the base of this all strip away everything and you’re still a woman and your husband is still man. When the kids grow up and move away your relationship will be the everyday. So make time to nurture it. Take time for each other. Remember why you fell in love and started down this path together. Make an effort to love each other and respect each other. Rome wasn’t built in a day but was destroyed rather quickly so remember to continue nurturing your love because one simple thing can destroy a relationship that hasn’t been given the nurturing it deserves.

    4.Take time for yourself

    I can’t stress this enough. Burning the candle at both ends will only lead to disaster. Take time to recuperate, re energize and go back to who you are. Whether it’s a half hour coffee break or a 3 day trip away from it all All Mom’s Need a Vacation. Make time this year to focus in on yourself as well. There won’t be a prize given out for the biggest mommy martyr at the end of it all, so make sure and take a water break so you can continue running the Marathon of Motherhood.

    5.Love your Mom

    Yes granted they can be difficult opinionated and hard to handle, but as a mother I’ve learned to appreciate what my mom did for me. Even if your mom is the hardest pill to swallow your children will learn from experience no matter what excuses you give them. I saw my mom have an amazing relationship with her mother it taught me that this was the way to do things. Kids need family and showing them that you love yours will be a great lesson in the end for them. A big plus is having an unconditional shoulder to lean on when this motherhood thing gets hard.

    6. SHOW your kids your love them

    Don’t just say it, do it. We run around like crazy people trying to give our kids the most we can be it through classes, schools,or material things. However, when it comes down to it your child needs to hear and see the Magic Words I LOVE YOU! Hug them, Kiss them, LOVE THEM! We swaddle babies out of the womb because we know they need that extra protection to help them transition out of the womb. However, our kids still need us no matter how old they act. Take time to show them you love them, because one day you’ll wake up and see they grew up and they won’t need your love anymore because they never got use to it.

    7.Mind Your Business

    Opinions are like Butt Holes, no one wants to hear them.  No one! So if you see that mother on her cellphone texting while her kids are in front of her take the energy from your soul not to judge. You have no idea what she is going through at that moment and to sit there and think of the ways you’re awesome and she’s not is wasted energy. All parenting styles are different and no two parents will ever fully agree on the perfect one. So like we tell our kids to mind their business, take the time this year to mind your own and not judge what others are doing. When you start worrying and comparing what others do, I mean truly, stop worrying about it you’ll be happier with your own path.

    8.Have you Helped another mom out today?

    Take time this year to at least do one good deed a month. No matter how much we may all have our act together we all need a little help from our friends. So if it’s that mom who’s struggling at the check out or the mom wh0’s in need of a friend, take time this year to help. It can be as insignificant as picking up the mom in line behind you’s coffee to helping her with her bags.  We can become so self involved with our online life that we forget to treat others on the outside real world like humans that many times just need a pat on the back to keep at it.

    9.Treat Yourself Like You Treat others.

    Stop being hard on yourself. You ARE A ROCKSTAR MOM! YES YOU ARE! You may not feel like it. Chances are you may also look like one on a regular basis  (after they had a hard night of partying) (Guilty) #teamnoshower #teamnomakeup But you are amazing to the ones who count. So even if you see that mom on Instagram who has the perfect life,car,house and body, Photoshop is awesome and so is great lighting. You are the world to those kids so remember to treat yourself emotionally the way you treat others. Be kind to yourself because like I said before YOU ARE AMAZING!

    10. Be Grateful For the Good in your Life.

    This one is a big one. Because it will be hard. I want you to take time each day, at night, before you pass out watching Jimmy Fallon to think of one amazing thing in your life. It’s so easy to see all the messed up mess you have going on but seriously Thank God for your health, The fact the kids didn’t act like complete trolls today or that you actually showered. Everyday is a challenge ladies but let’s make it an awesome journey.

    Like all New Year’s resolutions chances are we will go back to our bad ways in a month or two,so if you take one thing out of this it’s that to enjoy motherhood. SO many women out there wish this gift more than anything in the World. I know I did. So enjoy it, love it and most important make the Most out of this.

    May this year be an amazing one!