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Must haves in every Baby Shower Gift Registry

    10 Must haves in every Baby Shower Gift Registry

    After having 4 kids my list of necessary baby items has changed with each child. There are many basics you need like diapers, swings,car seats,etc.. However, there are a few items that aren’t obvious on lists but I know I just couldn’t have made it this far without or wished I would have had from the beginning. So if you have a baby on the way or know someone who does,make sure and put these things on your  registry or give it to them as a gift. They will thank you!

    1. Safety 1st Bath Seat

    You should NEVER leave a baby unattended in a bathtub. However, this wonderful contraption helps free your hands up a bit when the baby can already sit. It is such a back saver and all of my kids have loved using this!

    2.Wet Bag & reusable Snack Bags

    Two things are certain with kids, they WILL get dirty and they WILL need snacks so make sure and be ready with these two great items. The wet bags aren’t just great for cloth diapering moms,but for parents that are on the go and have soiled and wet clothing(which WILL HAPPEN) and  then snack bags don’t just work for snacks you can toss important things in them like band aids, pacifiers, lipstick, breath mints, the sky’s the limit! These beauties are from the official snack bag maker of our family Zookaboo. Don’t see a print you like, she custom makes them for you!!

    Zookaboo snack bags
    Zookaboo wet bag
    3.Baby Legs

    Baby legs are a must for many reasons. These are very versatile because they can be worn through the years for many reasons. When they are babies they can make diaper changes so much easier. You don’t have to worry about pulling pants off or on and so you won’t be waking baby up. As the baby grows and starts crawling it will protect little knees from bruising. As they get older,these are stylish additions to wardrobes as well as once again great for being around the house when it’s a little chilly also making diaper changes easier 🙂 Either way a great product I have loved using! With the assortment of colors you will find an adorable fit for both boys and girls!

    4.0 is wearing Bye Bye Bugs  BabyLegs Leg Warmers which are made with Insect Shield technology, these warmers repel insects and are safe for the whole family.
    4.Baby Carrier

    This can be a tough one for parents because Baby wearing isn’t for everyone. I know I didn’t get into it until my 3rd. However, this has been a life saver and if a parent gets a GOOD baby carrier ie: Boba or Ergo, to name a few, not only will it be easier to wear your little one but you will actually enjoy it. It will also be easier to complete day to day activities, that might be a little harder to get done with a baby in your arms.

    5.Halo sleep sack

    Parents always worry if baby is warm enough and can sometimes make the mistake of covering them with blankets. That’s all fine and dandy if you’ve got an older child, but when you have a baby that can be very dangerous. Thank God for the people at Halo coming up with this amazing baby blanket designed to keep your little one toasty yet safe!

    6.Sophie the Giraffe

    Sophie’s price can be an automatic put off because who want’s to pay 20+ for a rubber giraffe. I was the first one to say that myself. However, this little teether has made it through 3 kids and has survived every form of toddler torture imaginable. The Best part is that it still looks as good as new!

    Reasons why parents love her:

    • Phthalates and BPA free
    • Facilitate baby development
    • Made of 100% natural rubber and food paint

    Reasons why kids love it? Because there are a million places they can chew,squeak and play with. This toy really is so simple yet so awesome!


    7.Muslin swaddle
    This is a versatile blanket that can be used from birth and beyond. Bummie still uses hers whenever she just wants to cuddle. These are also very breathable so perfect for nursing babies or if you want to keep the sun or cold off of them.
    My favorite is the aden+anais brand, a 4 pack will run you at about 10.00 a blanket, but these are quality blankets that will LAST!

    This is absolutely positively one of those products I WISH I would have had with all 4. I am so happy at least one of my little ones got it. My Baby’s Heartbeat Bear is an adorable product that comes in an array of adorable stuffed animals. Each one comes with the specialized heart recorder. You take that recorder to one of your OB appts  and you record your baby’s heart beat. So simple, easy and such an amazing keepsake. 4.0 loves to listen to the sound of his own heart and well so do I! This gift will last a lifetime and always remind you of that special time you and your little one shared together.

    9. Manicure & Pedicure

    Ok, I know I snuck this one in but seriously! Mamas need this on their list! Whether it’s your first or fifth baby Mommies need this! So yes the baby will get tons of wonderful gifts but mamas need some love too!

    10.Baby Video Monitor
    One day I was in the living room washing dishes while all the kids slept in their rooms. All of a sudden as I’m looking into the monitor of my video monitor I see 4.0 begin to rise off the bed gradually. Either two things were happening he had learned the art of levitation (freaky) or someone was moving him..even freakier! Turned out Bummie had woken up and was trying to carry her baby brother. She had been so quiet that I would have never heard her or him on the conventional monitor. Thank God for the monitor that I had been looking at. I don’t even want to begin to think what could have happen had I not been watching.

    I know this is an expensive one but so worth it! Moms can’t be two places at once and even though it is nice to have the sound monitor there is no peace of mind greater than being able to see your little one while they sleep in another room. I highly recommend this over the conventional monitor.

    There are many more items that can be added to this list,however, these were my top picks. What are some items you think should be added?

    *There are affiliate links included in this post.