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    Teaching Math to Dyslexic Learners

    Having a child with a dyslexic child can be a challenge. It’s important to make sure you use various techniques to help them learn. Here are some that will help teach Math to Dyslexic learners.

    Teaching Math to Dyslexic students

    Teaching Math to Dyslexic Learners

    The term dyslexia often refers to a cognitive condition that creates severe phonetical and spelling difficulties or an inability to read. However, though the actual linguistics of the term refers to a language, dyslexia is commonly used to describe difficulties in other areas of study as well. For students of all ages, reading, writing, and arithmetic have been labeled as the most important and foundational skills in education. As a subject, math requires spatial reasoning, logical analysis, and conceptual processing. These are three areas that right-brained thinkers struggle to master. In spite of right-brained thinkers demonstrating (on average) an above-average intelligence when compared to peers, one of the key hallmarks of a dyslexic individual is the inability to grasp certain subjects. For this reason, it takes a more creative approach when dealing with instruction and learning in math.

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