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    6 Things you should be doing with your Preschooler NOW!

    Children are sponges that pick up on everything. It’s important to be sure they are getting the right lessons. Check out 6 Things you should be doing with your Preschooler NOW!
    Things to do with your Preschooler

    Things you should be doing with your preschooler 

    Having 6 kids has been an adventure. I always get comments asking how do you do it with so many? It must be so hard! Etc.. I always answer after 3 what’s one more! Honestly, it’s all because of a lesson my aunt (who had 9 kids) gave me years ago.

    Teach the oldest one and the rest will learn. Although, it’s been a hard lesson to follow through with because #lifehappens we’ve made it a point to make sure there are a few things our kids learn from a young age, things we make it a point to do in order to help them because good people. 

    Although many parents focus on the academic side of preschool, it’s important to remember we want them to be well rounded individuals. And although academics is important there are other facets of life that can always use support to help them be well rounded. 

    So read on to see what are some things you should be doing with your preschooler.

    1. Travel with your Preschooler

    I know this is a hard one because let’s face it we know what a pain it can be to put together a vacation or trip when preschoolers are involved. Financially for many it’s not feasible. 

    Let’s face it vacations aren’t always vacations when you have kids. That being said, what your child will learn on a trip or vacation are building blocks to who they will become. When I was little my parents always made it a point for us to travel.

    We went to Mexico, Europe, Indonesia ,Disney World and all over the US. Those experiences really helped develop a lust for learning about the world around me that I still hold on to to this day. 

    It’s important for these adventures to happen because they will help give your little one basic background information to help them when they learn new things. 

    Preschoolers are naturally cautious when it comes to new experiences. Travel will help preschoolers say yes to new experiences and help them get out of their comfort circle. 

    2. How to make your Preschooler learn about chores

    Preschoolers need chores, even if it’s something small. It’s important for every hand to have a job in your home. Explain to them that everyone has a job and this is their job.

    It doesn’t have to be anything complicated and you don’t have to give them a million tasks, but 2-3 jobs that they’re in charge of is going to be a huge lesson for them in the future. 

    You can even have a fun chore chart to follow along with their progress.

    Some chores your little can do are:

    Ages 2 to 3
    • Put toys away
    • Pile books and magazines
    • Fill pet’s food dish
    • Put clothes in hamper
    • Wipe up spills
    Ages 4 to 5

    Any of the above chores, plus:

    • Make their bed
    • Bring in mail or newspaper
    • Clear table
    • Pull weeds, if you have a garden
    • Use hand-held vacuum to pick up crumbs
    • Water flowers
    • Unload utensils from dishwasherPreschool ideas

    Also, at this age don’t offer money or prizes for doing this stuff. This is the time when they need to learn the basics and rewarding them for a job that is part of the everyday will backfire.

    Obviously as children  grow older and they have more fiscal understanding of stuff then it’s ok to introduce financial rewards but until then make sure they’re learning this lesson for all the right reasons.

    3. Read with your Preschooler 

    This one is always a hard one for parents. We are all running around in 100 million different directions and sitting down to read with a small child may feel like the biggest waste of time, but it isn’t!!!

    The skills they will develop by something so simple as reading with them is huge.

    Do it right before bed. There are so many small fun stories you can read to them that are quick, fun and will give them a broader understanding of language than any other lesson you can give them. 


    4.Teaching them Manners:

    Sure it may be easy to ignore their bad habits because let’s face it “they’re little” but honestly, when will they learn if not now?

    Even small things like teaching them to behave at a restaurant or church. Children who aren’t taught to do things will never learn and it doesn’t happen by magic either.

    Thankfully we’re at the point where we have older ones that model behavior and sure you’ll probably have to leave restaurants, church and functions half way through MANY times but one day it will all click and you’ll have kids who actually know how to behave.Children are sponges that pick up on everything. It's important to be sure they are getting the right lessons. Check out 6 Things you should be doing with your Preschooler NOW!

    5. Teach preschoolers to pick up after themselves

    I remember one time I was at the dentist office and my then 3 year old was playing with some big blocks. When it was time to go the receptionist said to him, make sure and pick everything up and by gosh he did!

    This was the child who use to “melt” every time I told him to pick up a toy or put his dish in the sink. I realized then and there they get it, they just follow what’s expected of them.

    From that day on I made sure that if he played with something he needed to clean up after himself. This is a lesson we’ve followed and passed down to our other kids.

    It’s a mind blowing lesson once you realize that hey, they can (age appropriate stuff) if you actually expect it from them.

    6. Show  your preschooler love

    Sure we’re teaching them so many important things like empathy, honesty and academics but are we teaching them to love? I’m the first one to admit that the days get away from me and sometimes they just get a hug or kiss at morning and at night.

    In between there’s a lot of yelling and behavior correcting. So it’s important for your children to learn and hear you love them. How many times do you say I love you to your child?

    How many times do you step away from the computer, or phone to give them a hug. I know we all get caught up in our everyday.   

    We assume they know we love them but do we show them? Don’t just make an effort to show them you love them but if you can show them you love your spouse.

    Let them see you hug them, say I love you ,etc… Let them learn about love with these little acts that will go with them forever.


    Raising good people is tuff. We’re living in a day and age where manners, empathy and love are thrown to the wayside. However, taking some time to follow some of these little lessons with your preschooler as small as they may be will help grow children that will appreciate and love the world around them.

    What are some things you have done that are a must for preschoolers to do?

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