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    Pipe Cleaner and Popsicle Stick Leprechaun : DIY Leprechaun Craft

    This Pipe Cleaner and Popsicle Stick DIY Leprechaun is just about the cutest St. Patrick’s Day craft, ever! It’s made using simple supplies and is certain to create the most adorable little friend for your child to love and play with! 

    DIY Leprechaun Craft

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    One of the main things one thinks of when you think of St.Patrick’s Day is definitley leprechaun. Such as the little trickster that  have a pot of gold. Because who couldn’t use a pot of gold right? Without a doubt there so many great books one can read with their littles to get the festive mood going.

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    Pipe Cleaner and Popsicle Stick Leprechaun

    What we love about this simple Leprechaun craft is that it doesn’t take long to make. Once you sit down at the table and get started, you’ll be staring at your little Leprechaun in no time at all. 

    Perfect for an afternoon craft or a great way to work together with your child to create something fun, you’re going to enjoy making this “lucky” Leprechaun from start to finish. 

    Have fun creating this St. Patrick’s Day craft together. It’s just so adorable! 

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