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    Laundry Hacks: Make Laundry Easier with these Tricks!

    rlaundry Hacks

    Laundry is the never-ending chore. It goes away for 2 seconds and then it’s right back. Having 5 kids means my life is a never ending laundry story. You might want to avoid it, but it is always waiting for you. I wanted to share some great laundry hacks that every mom will want to know! With busy schedules, we all can use a little help to make life a bit easier! So keep reading to read some pretty awesome laundry hacks!

    Laundry Hacks – Make Life A Bit Easier

    Dry Clothes Faster: Put a couple of tennis balls in the dryer, it speeds up the drying time, and leaves clothes nice and fluffy!

    Mesh Bags: These are great to use, they work great for socks and undergarments! Never lose a sock again! Wash and dry in the mesh bags, so you don’t lose your garments!

    Clean Washing Machine: If your washer is smelling a little off, try cleaning it. Add two cups white vinegar, and fill basin with warm water. Let it sit for around an hour, and then run the cycle as usual! I do this once a month.

    Multi-Bin Hamper: You can buy hampers that have 2-3 spots to place clothes. This is great to place darks in one, whites, towels, etc. Then you just grab it directly out of the hamper and toss in. No more sorting to find all the whites!

    Makeup Stains: If you have a little foundation or makeup smudge on a shirt, try using shaving cream. Use it to pre-treat the stain, I have heard it works wonderfully. Just put a little on the stain, let sit 5 minutes then wash.

    Oil Stains: Put baby powder on oil stains and let it soak it up overnight. Then just wash like regular.

    Ice Cubes to Dewrinkle: If you want to dewrinkle something, add a couple of ice cubes in the dryer. Run the dryer for about 15 minutes. As the dryer heats up it melts the ice, and steams the clothes.

    Aluminum Foil for Dryer Sheets: Instead of dryer sheets, take some aluminum foil and roll into a tight ball. Use these instead of dryer sheets. Works great at softening your clothes.

    What are some hacks that you use for your laundry?