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Interactive Ocean crafts for kids

    Sea Life Spinner:A Fun & Interactive Ocean Craft for Kids

    Is your little one excited about sea life and all things found above and below the water? If so, they’re going to love this Sea Life Spinner. It’s an interactive approach that lets them change the scenery as many times as they want! This Sea Life Spinner is a Fun & Interactive Ocean Craft for Kids.

    Sea Life Spinner:A Fun & Interactive Ocean Craft for Kids

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    Sea Life Spinner

    My kiddos talk about the sea all the time. And when you stop and think about the ocean and everything that lives in it, it’s a really cool conversation to have. There are so many wonderful animals and live things that are deep down in the water that the mind can’t even really comprehend it all.

    This is why we loved this activity. It gave us a chance to talk about the ocean and figure out what we thought lived in it and why. We even talked about the difference in the sizes of sea life animals and what we thought that they ate. 


    A fun & Interactive Ocean Craft for kids

    This craft is not only interactive but it’s super simple to pair up with an ocean lesson as well. They’ll be able to be creative and have fun coloring this craft and then show it off to the rest of the family when they’re all done!

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