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    Easy 5 Ingredient Churro Donuts – The perfect Homemade Donuts Recipe

    These Easy 5 Ingredient Churro Donuts are the perfect Homemade Donuts Recipe. Packed with a delicious flavor and crispy exterior yet delicious and soft interior these Donuts will be a huge hit in your home. Most important they’re crazy easy to make!

    Growing up in Miami Churros were a staple in our home. I use to love  grabbing churros at our favorite restaurant La Palma. Now that I’m older and have moved away it isn’t as easy to get my fill of Churro deliciousness. 

    Churro Donuts – The Perfect Homemade Donuts Recipe

    That’s why I love this Churro Donut recipe. It’s got a little twist but all the delicious Churro flavor. 

    No matter how old I get, I’ll always love a good donut to start off my day. And not just any donut…my tastebuds have gotten a bit picky over the years as to what donuts are truly worth eating.

    I’ve actually found that my taste buds and tummy prefer homemade donuts which is why I love this Churro donuts recipe so much. It’s simple, easy and deliciously perfect!

    Keep reading to see how easy it is to make Churro Donuts.
    Churro donuts the best homemade donuts ever

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